For many, a home is incomplete without the presence of art. Whether a piece of art worth thousands of pounds or framed photo prints of family and friends, art within a home can add a touch of personality and homeliness to any room. But art is about more than just the look of a home – it’s about the emotive connection and the aura that the art piece can bring. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the true value of art within a home.

Creates The Impression Of Living

Many real estate agents hold a strong belief that art within a home can help to create value and ultimately improve the chances of a sale. While a home can be beautifully designed, the architecture can be flawless and the house structure is unrivalled, without art, a home is not a home. Art can help to provide a feeling of living.

It embellishes a home, adding colour, rhythm, emotion and enhancing a home’s character. No matter whether a home is large or small, art can help to improve the value of a home, bringing attention certain parts of the room, invoking emotion and adding an element of clarity. If you want to sell a home, then art is one of the most valuable tools to be able to do so.

Art Allows You To Express Yourself

Art is ultimately one of the most visceral forms of self-expression. It can allow you to reflect upon your personality and bring to life an embodiment of yourself whether from a personal or professional perspective depending on the art itself and the space it is situated in. Art is deeply personal and offers an element of sentimentality which revolves around more than just colour and space.

This personality and character are what makes art valuable in the home. Art is about more than just the worth of a particular painting or canvas. Art can offer a sense of reflection or an emotion which can be evoked by all who enter the room. Use art to express yourself, and drive true, personal value from within your home.

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Breathe Life Into A Home

There is a popular saying from American painter and sculptor Frank Stella: “I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given life to me.” Breathing life into a room is one of the main ways that art can be a valuable part of your home.

Ensuring your home is decorated how you like it is imperative. Disperse a breath of fresh air into your home with an art piece which can make you feel comfortable and relaxed (or productive if that’s the purpose of the chosen piece). Art in a room will always be a focal point. Ensure that focal point is showcasing the message you want it to and reflecting your thoughts and feelings in order to allow it to drive real personal value into your home. 

Art Is A Passion

Art that is placed within your home shouldn’t just be about what you like, but what you can’t live without. Your taste and preferences may change over time, but the art you choose to showcase in your room should drive an excitement and a passion. When you find that art piece, then you know that you are adding true value to your home.

When the passion for the art begins to fade and you no longer feel the thrill and excitement when you look at it, then that’s the time when the value of the art piece can begin to fade. When this happens, broaden your assembly and find a new piece which invigorates you in the same way.

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Mental Wellbeing

The value of art is more than just its monetary value and how it looks in your home. For many, art is valuable due to its part in helping to maintain a balanced mental wellbeing. Art can stimulate conversation, helping to generate social interaction which may be beneficial for some. For others, art may act as a relaxing backdrop for individuals to unwind and stressed. There are numerous beneficial psychological effects to the presence of art within the workplace and also within the home, showcasing the true value of art and its impact.


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