Buying a new laptop can be a task filled with lots of planning, time and hassle. It is not just a decision you can make without putting a lot of thought into it. When looking for a laptop, you are not just looking for any laptop but for the laptop that specifically fits your needs the best. There are many factors which you must consider before choosing the laptop best for you!

Size Matters:

Size is a factor which most people miss out on. Although it is mostly ignored, the size of the laptop is indeed a factor which can make or break your decision of choosing your ideal laptop. If you mostly use your laptop at home, then a laptop which is heavier in size and bigger in appearance should not be a bad choice considering you will not be carrying it with you wherever you go. However, if you mostly work on your laptop outside of your house, then you should definitely opt for a smaller sized laptop as it is easier to carry anywhere and convenient to place in your backpack.

Screen Quality:

Screen quality is one of the most important factors in this era when it comes to choosing your ideal laptop. A laptop’s screen is the portion of the laptop where you are staring at most of the time so it is important to know if the screen fits best to your requirements of an ideal laptop. When looking for a laptop in this time, it is most suitable to choose a laptop which offers a touch screen as it makes the experience of using a laptop a lot more convenient, quicker and easier. Now a days 2 in 1 laptops are very popular. Normally big screens laptop for Youtube and Netflix are used.

Keyboard Quality:

Keyboards are a highly under-appreciated part of a laptop which is highly necessary to consider. Most people buy a laptop for the purpose of working. Without keyboards, it is highly difficult or almost impossible to enter any form of data in your computer so it is best to try out the keyboard of a laptop before purchasing it for yourself. It is recommended to see if the laptop’s keys are suited to your preference. You should also prefer to buy a laptop with backlit keys, so you can type anything with ease even with dim lighting.

Budget – More Important than You Think:

When buying a laptop, the initial and the most important step is the budget. It is a very poor decision to choose a laptop first and then consider your budget. Every person has a different budget according to their job’s salaries and their lifestyle including you. So, it is recommended to make a budget plan firsthand before considering buying any laptop. Every laptop comes in a vast range of prices which are according to the features the laptop offers like programming, gaming. When making a budget, you need to remember that you should be buying the laptop which offers all the features you need. Instead of buying a fancy laptop whose features you will never use, it is best to buy an affordable one which fulfills your needs.

Processor (CPU):

Processor is the most important part of a laptop. The processor is one of the features which must not be ignored when choosing your ideal laptop. The processor is responsible for the working as well as the speed of the laptop. Without a properly working processor, your laptop will constantly lag and eventually stop working. According to your budget, you can buy the laptop with the processor suitable to your needs. You should be choosing laptop based on the two most popular processors: Intel and AMD. Intel Core i7 offers an incredibly fast working of the laptop but you should be choosing the processor which fits best to your budget and needs.


RAM, short for Random Access Memory, is responsible for the memory your laptop holds. It is important to look for the RAM which fits best to your needs because a RAM can affect the speed of your laptop as well. If you are a full-time user of a laptop, then you should be getting a laptop which has at least a 4GB RAM for a smooth working of the laptop. DDR3 RAM is currently the most preferred RAM as it offers a smooth and a fast working of the laptop so you should definitely opt for it if it is suitable to your budget and needs.

Hard Disk:

Hard disk is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing your ideal laptop. A hard disk is responsible for storing your laptop’s data including all the documents, media etc. Most cheap laptops offer a 320GB hard drive, but it can be replaced with a better hard drive later on. According to your budget and needs, you should be choosing any hard drive from 500GB to 1TB.