Smokers have become very popular recently, with the added media focus on BBQ cuisine in the past few years. With this popularity comes the need of consumers to have the same equipment in their house so they too can experience good food without having to leave the comfort of their home. Smokers are one such piece of equipment.

However, what most don’t realize is that Smokers come under the umbrella of machinery and the principle of “one size fits all” doesn’t really apply. There are a lot of factors to consider including skill level, budget, what foods you like, and how many people you have to feed on a regular basis.

To help you with your decision, we’ve prepared this small guide on the different factors you should consider when buying a new Smoker.

Ultimate Grill Mate has reviewed the latest smokers available.


Smokers come in a range of sizes and functionalities, and the price range is just as varied. Your affordability may be one factor, but you also need to consider your skill level. If you haven’t had much experience, you can stick with something basic and not spend a lot of money. However, if you’re a beginner and still want to splurge and can afford it, you could try going with something a little fancier that has more functions.

We recommend going with something simple if you’re new to the world of BBQ. As time passes, and your expertise level rises, you can consider investing in something a little more cutting-edge.


Your Smoker will depend a lot on what you like to cook and how many people you’re cooking for. If you have a large family and like eating whole chickens or turkeys, then you need to consider something that has a large volume. If you’re going to cook meats that tend to have a strong odor or are greasy, then you’ll have to look for models that are easier to clean.

On the other hand, if you’re single and eat on your own most nights, then a small Smoker will be more than enough for your needs. Either way, you have to assess your needs, rather than your wants.


Different people prefer to deal with different types of fuels. Some like their food cooked on charcoal, whereas others would be more than happy with pellets or wood-fire smokers. It all comes down to preference and what kind of taste you like on your meat.

You should also look at Smokers that are better at regulating temperature. Good BBQ requires that temperatures are properly maintained and your smoker should be able to perform in this manner to give you the best results. The easiest way to check if your preferred Smoker has the right temperature control would be to check user reviews posted online.


We hope the above helps you in making a decision. At the end of the day, the right Smoker depends on the balance of your preference and needs. Learn more about the best Smokers here.