No matter how old your kids are, you’ll always want them to have an amazing birthday. Hosting a party for family and friends is the ultimate way to celebrate, but how can you take your child’s birthday to the next level? Take a look at these top tips and plan a kid’s birthday party they’ll remember forever:

1. Choose the right venue

If you’ve ever hosted a kid’s party at home, you’ll know just how stressful they can be! With limited space available, you’ll have a bunch of over-excited kids to try and entertain. What’s more, you’ll probably want to move any breakables before the party gets underway and you’ll have quite the clean up job on your hands post-party.

The hassle of hosting a party at home makes hiring a venue for your child’s party an obvious choice. However, choosing the right venue is a little trickier. Many soft play areas and entertainment parks offer birthday party packages, but your child might not be the right age for these types of venues.

If in doubt, take a look at local function rooms and halls. With a blank canvas, you can create a bespoke party environment for your child and incorporate the things they love. Furthermore, this can be a much more cost-effective way to host your celebration. 

2. Confirm the guestlist

Will your kid’s party be a family-only affair; a chance for them to get-together with their friends or a free-for-all with everyone invited? Depending on the venue you choose, there might be limits as to how many people you can invite. However, choosing a venue that can accommodate family and friends will enable you to host a big celebration (and avoid the need to have two separate parties!).

Before you start sending invites, decide whether or not you’d like parents to stay for the duration of the party. Remember – many attendees will have siblings, so be prepared for younger or older kids to be present if you invite parents to stay for the party.

3. Kick off with activities

Youngsters can be shy, even when they know each other well. It’s not unusual for kids to hang back at the start of a party or to be reluctant to leave their parent’s side. Having activities ready will give guests something to focus on and help them to feel more comfortable.

Young children will enjoy decorating party hats, creating a birthday banner with stickers or having their faces painted, while older kids love scavenger hunts and group games, like balloon tennis or candy Olympics!

4. Get the music right

Music is essential at any celebration and a kid’s party is no different. Youngsters love ‘throwing some shapes’, so you’ll have no worries about filling the dancefloor at your child’s birthday party. Of course, you’ll want to ensure you have an extensive playlist ready to make the party go with a swing. Hiring a DJ East Sussex is often the easiest way to plan the music for your kid’s party. With an endless selection of songs, a professional DJ will know exactly what to play to keep guests entertained and dancing.

When choosing your party DJ, ask what special effects they offer. The right DJ can incorporate professional lighting, bubble machines and even photography into a party package, so think about any extras your kid will enjoy and make them part of their special day.

6. Invite a special guest

Having a special guest show up at your child’s birthday party is sure to make it memorable. If your kid is a big Disney fan, why not have Belle, Jasmine, Elsa, Cinderella or Snow White appear at their party? Alternatively, superhero fans will be bowled over when Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Ironman or Captain America joins the fun.

With so many options available, it’s easy to cater to your kid’s tastes. Arrange for a ‘real-life pirate’ to come aboard, let fairies lead the way or invite a unicorn princess to join the party.

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Planning Your Kid’s Party

Parents may dread party season but seeing your child have the time of their life makes it all worth it. Planning ahead and organising your kid’s party well in advance can help to alleviate any last-minute hassles and ensure everything goes seamlessly. Remember – always talk to parents when inviting youngsters to parties. Invites get lost or kids forget, so get an RSVP from a parent or caregiver before you count them in or out!

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