When you are planning a big eco-adventure, you need to know where you are going, what you are doing, and pack properly for the trip. These adventures will give you a view of some of the most amazing parts of the world, and you may see animals that you may never see again. Continue reading to create a our for yourself or the family that is perfect for your tastes. We provide special opportunities to sea the gold coast swim with whales, small boat whale watching excursions, and boating trips to South Stradbroke Island, showing the breathtaking surroundings.

1. Bring Your Camera

Bring your camera on the trip so that you are not just using your phone. You can put a strap on the camera that wraps around your neck, and you can hold onto the camera easily when you are on a boat in the middle of a rainstorm or when the boat is rocking back and forth. The camera should come with a big SD card that helps you save all the pictures that you have taken, and you can bring along special lenses that will give you a better view of the area.

2. Bring Your Passport

You should bring your passport because some of these tours go from one country’s coastline to another. You never know when you will be asked to go through a customs inspection, and you want to be sure that you are prepared. If you need to get a visa for your trip, you need to keep a copy of your visa with your passport.

3. Bring More Than One Pair Of Shoes

You should bring more than one pair of shoes on your trip because they will likely get wet during your journey. While one pair of shoes is drying out, you can wear a dry pair of shoes on the deck of the boat. Plus, you need to bring some trail shoes if you ever get off the boat and explore a rocky coastline. You do not want to hurt your feet during the trip, and you should make sure that the shoes fit properly, that you have socks, and that you change shoes every day.

4. Bring Wet Weather Clothing

When you are planning epic Ocean Adventures Eco Tours, you need to make sure that you have the proper clothing for this trip. You should pack wet weather clothes including a windbreaker. The windbreaker will help you stay warm if a storm is pelting the boat with freezing rain. You should bring a poncho, and you need an umbrella. Plus, you can bring clothes that you do not mind getting wet. You might wear the same thing you wear to the beach.

5. Do You Get Seasick?

If you get seasick, you need to make sure that you have brought the medication you need for the trip. You need to take this medication regularly, and you must make sure that you have alerted the captain of the boat to any other medical conditions you might have.

6. Plan For Stopovers

If you are stopping over at different ports, you might rent a villa that you can stay in for a night or two. You can make your stopovers part of a much larger trip, and you can get on and off different boats during your journey if you want to experience some variety during your trip.

7. What Do You Want To See?

You need to choose a tour that allows you to see the things that are most important to you. If you want to see whales, you can book a tour at long beach whale watching that will take you to the places where whales breed. You can sail to see the ice caps of Antarctica, or you can check out the coastal waters of places like Alaska and South America.

8. The Trips Can Be Very Long Or Very Short

You can choose a long trip or a very short trip. Some people only go out for a day, or you can stay on the boat for a week or more as you adventure around the ocean.


The trips that you plan for yourself and your family should be designed to help you see amazing things. You can pack and prepare using the tips above, and you can choose a vacation plan that helps you see the most beautiful parts of the world.