Finding the best dental clinic for kids is something you don’t want to take lightly. The professionals you choose to take care of your child are essential. You want to find a dentist that will care for your child as if he or she were their own.

Unfortunately, not every dentist has your child’s best interest in mind. Some will only look at them as a paycheck. It’s up to you to wean out the bad ones and focus only on the best kid’s dentist offices. 

Don’t simply choose the first pediatric dentist you find in your neighborhood. Continue reading below for our helpful tips on how to locate a dentist that will be amazing and one your kids will love! 

1. Ask Your Parent Friends

Personal references are like gold when it comes to finding great services. When you have other parent friends that you can talk to about pediatric dentist offices, you’re in luck. This should be your first stop.

Talk to your friends or family that have children of their own. Where do they take their children? Do they like their pediatric dentist? 

You can then look up reviews online and see what other parents are saying as well. If they have good reviews, you can then call the dentist’s office and ask them to give you a few references that you can call.

Get in contact with these references and ask them any questions you may have about their own personal experience with the dentist.

2. Schedule a Tour 

If you have a specific dentist’s office that you’d like to look further into, you can always consider calling that office and scheduling a tour with them. If there are a few offices that you’re looking into, then be sure to schedule a tour at each and every one of them.

Bring your child with you when you arrive for the tour. Have your child meet the dentist as well. How does the dentist interact with your child? How your child reacts to them during the tour is a good indication of how the first dental visit will go.

Does your child seem comfortable? How does the staff interact with your child? Is the office child-friendly? 

A pediatric dentist’s office should offer vibrant colors, activities to keep the little ones busy while they wait, and other child-friendly features.

3. Inquire About Insurance

It would be a huge disappointment to find a pediatric dentist you love but come to find out they don’t accept your insurance. Insurance is a huge factor to consider. Be sure that the pediatric dentist you’re looking into accepts your child’s dental insurance.

You can call the office and ask them if they accept it, or you can contact your insurance provider. Your insurance provider should be able to give you a list of pediatric dentists in their network. You can then go through this list until you find the best one for your child. 

Otherwise, you’ll be paying for their services out of pocket, which can get quite expensive.

4. The Office’s Location

Although the office’s location might not be a determining factor in your final decision, it’s something to keep in mind. You’ll want to find an office that’s close to your work, close to your children’s school, or close to home. This will make visiting the office more convenient for you. 

If you have to go out of your way to visit the office, then you must take into consideration how it’ll affect your work schedule and your child’s school schedule. An office far away means more time away from work or school.

You also need to consider the hours of the office. Do they have hours that you can work around your work schedule or your child’s school schedule? Are they open on the weekend?

Some pediatric dentist’s offices offer extended evening hours for emergencies. What are their policies on these types of hours? Find something that’s going to make things as simple as possible for you. 

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5. Learn About Their Preventative Treatments

It’s important for you to find a pediatric dentist that’s going to have your child’s best interest in mind rather than their own pockets. Instead of waiting until there’s an oral hygiene issue, your child’s dentist should provide preventative treatments.

Preventative treatments ensure your child’s teeth won’t have issues in the first place. Ask the dentist about what types of preventative treatments they use. Sealants can be placed on baby teeth to prevent cavities from forming. 

Fluoride treatment can also help prevent cavities in small mouths. You’ll also want to ask the dentist about special training. Pediatric dentistry is a specialization. 

Do the dentist and their assistants have all the training needed to work with children’s oral health specifically? In addition to their 4 years of dental school and years of college study, they should have 2 years dedicated to pediatric dentistry.

Do they have the proper training in dealing with children with special needs? This might be another essential question to ask depending on your unique needs. Ask that the dentist and the assistants show proof of their certificates and their licenses. 

It’s Time to Find the Best Pediatric Dentist Today

You only want the best for your children. You wouldn’t send them to a daycare or choose a pediatric doctor without doing your research first. The same is true when searching for the best pediatric dentist for them.

Use the tips listed in this guide above to find the best children’s dentist for you and your kids today!

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