Caring parents strive to make their kids’ childhood happy and cloudless. To make your child feel comfortable, you need to pay due attention to the decoration of the interior of his room. Try to invite your child to participate in this process: the kid will surely be delighted with the opportunity to demonstrate his taste.

It will be good to think over the interior of the children’s room with your son or daughter: the children will be happy to show their individuality. And the following tips will also allow you to achieve excellent results, creating heavenly conditions for even the most capricious boy or girl.

Organize the space in the room

The main headache for most parents is the constant clutter in the children’s room. To prevent such a nuisance, space should be rationally distributed. Before making repairs, think about how to zone the space in the room. It should provide space for nighttime relaxation, study activities, active and quiet games. Also, the Swedish wall will probably not hurt – your child will get used to an active lifestyle from an early age.

In advance, you should think about the issue of storing things, books, toys, clothes. Bright boxes, spacious shelves, boxes on cute wheels, and antique chests will surely interest a child. He will be happy to do the cleaning on his own because it will turn from a boring routine into exciting gameplay.

Set up a playhouse for your child

Surely you remember very well how as a child, together with your friends, you diligently made shelters from blankets, chairs, boxes, and everything that came to hand. Today on sale you’ll find ready-made houses for active entertainment. A cute tent is a special personal area of the child, where he can put his favorite pillows with pictures, toys and plunge into the world of fantasy. And years later, he’ll be happy to remember the amazing house of childhood.

Take care of your child psychological comfort

Any psychologist will tell you with confidence that one of the main issues in the design of a children’s room is the choice of suitable shades. So, you shouldn’t follow stereotypes and make a room for boys in blue tones, and for girls in pink. The best option would be to use neutral, calm tones. Also, it’s worth considering the temperament of your child here. For instance, active guys will feel comfortable surrounded by calm and pacifying shades. If your child is rather passive and slow, bright and rich colors will help him recharge.

If you choose light colors, then they should be the same color. They will delight you with unobtrusiveness. Remember that there are always a lot of bright things and toys in the children’s room, so you need to choose a more or less neutral background.

A child’s tastes are formed along with his growing up. Use muted yet versatile colors such as dark gray, blue, green, red, and white as the basis for future nursery décor. Over time, if desired, it’s always easy to add those elements of the environment that will correspond to the interests of a teenager, to approach him strictly individually for more than one year.

Of course, don’t forget to consult with your child. Find out what color he likes best and he will certainly be glad if you allow furnishing the room using his favorite shades. The kid will understand that you are respectful and attentive to his choice. To add some striking elements to the room design, visit AllAboutVibe to choose something interesting.

Pay special attention to the quality of used materials

All materials must be safe, environmentally friendly, and hypoallergenic. Immediately discard synthetic linoleum, which contains a large number of harmful substances. A modern alternative is cork floors, which will delight you not only with an impeccable composition but also with softness and comfort. Walls can be decorated with wood panels, and water-based paint is also an excellent choice. Experts do not recommend using false ceilings in a children’s room. Get by with classic whitewash, plaster, or water-based paint.

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Let your kid paint on the walls

Here we aren’t talking about permissiveness at all. If your child enjoys creative pursuits, especially painting, support him in this. You can order slate or marker paint for the walls so that it’s easy to draw on them and paint or markers can be easily erased. In this case, you don’t have to worry at all about the safety of the wallpaper.

If this option doesn’t appeal to you, you can install a drawing board on the wall. It can be a plastic board or a wooden one like in a school. In any case, if your child likes to draw, he will be glad if there is a whole separate corner for creativity in his room.


During repairs in a child’s room, it is important not only to make it beautiful, but also to turn it into an island of absolute safety! So try to integrate less trendy angular or glassy things in pursuit of beauty. Remember, the safety and psychological comfort of a child is more important than a edgy repair.