While there is no particular dress code for Paintballing Days, it is always important to be prepared for such eventful days. You may do just fine with a good quality long-sleeve shirt plus a pair of jeans but some paintballers prefer the more combat-ready camouflage gear. One important thing you should keep in mind is that paintballing requires loose-fitting clothing that will allow you to move around freely. You must not also forget to wear long pants that allow you to run easily and the long-sleeve shirt you choose must be capable of absorbing paintball shots. Other tips and ideas you should consider include the following;

Wear construction type gloves and Boots

In addition to the general paintballing days’ gears such as sweatband, paintball mask, baseball hat, bandana, and beanie, you should consider wearing construction-grade gloves. Construction-type gloves are a must for Paintballing days because they are designed not to restrict the movement of your fingers.

For the footwear, you have varieties of options to choose from, these are sneakers, military or hiking boots, trail runners or football-style cleats. Wearing a beanie is better than baseball caps because they don’t get in the way, especially when you are wearing a paintball mask.

The paintball fields will not ban you for not using gloves but it would be foolish of you to avoid these essential items. Your hands can be more delicate than you think, and your knuckles or fingers will constantly get hurt when you start shooting if you don’t wear gloves. A pair of decent or construction-grade paintball gloves can be lifesavers. These gloves will protect you from getting cuts, burns, and scrapes that can affect your performance on paintballing days.

Try as much as possible to avoid gloves that are too thick, especially those used by people when it snows. Using extra-thick gloves can make it hard to pull the trigger on time. Choose thinner gloves that are just thick enough to protect your fingers without slowing down your speed and accuracy of shooting.

Your Paintball Mask is the Most Important Equipment for Paintballing Days

The Paintball mask remains the most important gear you should wear on paintballing days. This piece of device protects your eyes and ear which can be damaged if not protected effectively during paintballing activities. In addition to wearing the ideal mask, you should consider packing extra lenses for every game because you want to be ready for new challenges and unpredictable situations. You should vary your lenses and use the light or dark options depending on the time of the day, and how strong the sunlight is.

Always Dress According to Weather

Pretty thick but still loose-fitted clothing is ideal for cold weather conditions. These clothing will keep you warm without hindering your movement. Don’t wear thick clothing in warm weather, if you do, you may suffer from extreme heat exhaustion.

For these reasons, you must always consider the weather when preparing for paintballing days. Regardless of what you pick, make sure they are too tight, otherwise, they may hinder your movement while in action. You may want to get a special bag where you can keep different types of clothing for different weather conditions.  

Darker Colors are Always Better

Paintballers who wear lighter colors are easily picked out and are easy to target by others. It is therefore ideal to stick with the darker military colors that will conceal you properly in the woods. The camouflage is perhaps one of the best options for paintballing if you are a sniper who loves to hide for most of the game.

You should also consider bringing extra clothing or towel when you travel for paintballing days. A lot of beginner paintballers often make the mistake of not bringing a towel or extra clothing for paintballing competitions. If you don’t bring extra clothing, you will be forced to deal with mud all over your body especially after the game. Sitting in a car with mud all over your body can leave stains in the car that can be difficult to clean.

Choose the Right Pod Packs and Pod Belt Pouch

Pod packs and Pod Belt Pouch are essential things you must wear on you on paintballing days. You need the Pod packs, for instance, to hold extra paintballs. They can be a horizontal or vertical harness that can be strapped around the waist in a horizontal or vertical direction. The horizontal pod pack is more accessible and the pods can be easily reached and returned to the pack. The issue with horizontal packs is that they tend to increase the visibility of the user by sticking out from the sides and they can also be difficult to lay down and roll quickly.  

The vertical pod packs can be worn vertically along the waist hence they are closer to the body than the horizontal packs. The vertical pod packs will not expose your visibility like the horizontal packs during paintballing but the issue with this option is that it can be slightly more difficult to put the pods back into their place.

The Pod Belt Pouch can be a better alternative to the pod packs because it is smaller and more convenient. Though it can only hold between 1 and 3 pods, hence it is only recommended if you don’t want to carry much extra paint.


Though the tips and ideas above are particularly good for beginner and amateur paintball players, experienced players may want to include items such as neck protector when taking part in paintballing actions. Neck protector is a safety gear that holds your neck in place and protects it against attacks in such region. Beginner and amateur players may not get used to such a protector, in the beginning, hence it may hinder their performances. You will surely benefit from it once you eventually learn to use the neck protector.  With the following tips and ideas explained above, you should be able to achieve great results on paintballing days, without disrupting your speed and performance.