Pets are a great companion to have; they are your true friends with whom you can spend quality time, can travel. They can cheer you up from depressed to super happy but at the same time keeping your house clean is not a very easy task.

At the end of the day it is your responsibility to keep your pet and your house clean. Right? Worry not!  Check out some handy tips to keep your home clean with pets.

Clean Pet- Clean House

A clean pet keep the home clean! This means, if you have your loving, cuddly friend roaming around, give them frequent baths. Do check the breed and the bathing routine and get set washing! Furthermore, ease your task by making a chart or simply follow the bathing routine. Also, look for the pet-friendly supplies;  consider things like:

  • Pet- specific shampoo or soap with mild to low fragrances
  • Make them air dry or pat towel dry to not hamper the overcoat.
  • Smooth detangling and combing . to ensure the softness of the pet’s coat.

Keep Up With Furniture And Other Fragile Items: 

Imagine seeing your antique vase shattered because of your pet, or your leather sofa getting damaged due to their long, overgrown nails. Mostly the mess is going to create where your pet is more likely to sit or roam around.

 Also, keep the towel and a bucket of water ready to wipe down mud from their paws. Keep mats inside and outside of the doors and train your pet to use them. If you have heavy carpets at home, keep a carpet cleaning service on speed dial for frequent cleaning services.

Invest In The Right Cleaning Supplies:

If you are not pleased with the cleaning tools you have, opt for a new one. Buy a good quality vacuum cleaner that sucks up all the dirt and pet’s hair. Use cleaning tools that go with your home’s flooring and other items.  For high traffic areas, keep cleaning brush handy to ensure dust-free floors.  sterilise Pet Related Things

Regularly clean everything related to your pet like sheets, toys and others. Use a disinfectant to clean everything thoroughly. Also, keep your pet’s used things away from your kid’s supplies and other items. To eliminate bad odor from your cuddly’s things, put them in sunlight.

Make A Separate Pet Station

You can customize a separate Station for your pet, having said that having a different cleaning station for your pet will make you spend less time in house cleaning. Take any area in your home where you are comfortable and make a dedicated pet station. How about constructing a canopy for your friend? Just some bamboo sticks and unused bed cover, and your pet is all set with its own house!

Freshen Up Everything!

Freshen Up Everything

It is not necessary to spend bucks on little thing;  just look at what you already have in your house, bring things from your kitchen and let your house smell amazing. Try baking soda, vinegar or vodka to not only clean your furniture, rugs, carpets and floors but also to avoid the unpleasant pet order. You can also look for scented candles and oil diffusers to keep your house fragrant, and your mind relaxes and calm.

Having a new member of your family is a great feeling, but in the case of pets, you have to put some extra efforts and keep in mind certain things. But you should be satisfied and happy! Hopefully, you found above tips helpful and enjoy every single time.

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