Cisco CCNA Security certification will stay active for a period of 3 years. Beyond this limit, the certification retires or expires. So, during the eligibility period of this certification, it is the duty of the candidate to pass the required exam. This whole thing is known to be as ‘Recertification’.

The exams under the recertification include – CCDE written exam, 642-XXX Cisco specialist exam, current associate level, CCDE practical exam, etc.

However, to get this certification first time one must pass Cisco 210-260 IINS exam.

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Are you in plans to enter in the associate level in Cisco network? You can do it, provided you comply with the essential prerequisites. What are they? How to get through this certification? What to study as a part of the preparation?

Do not worry, because all of your queries will be answered and cleared in here. First, let’s get started with what is Cisco CCNA Security certification all about?

What is CCNA Security certification?

Primarily, the Cisco CCNA Security certification is the three-year associate level program, wherein the candidate will be trained thoroughly about network security. By this, all the candidates that are successful in acquiring this certification will be able to handle network security for both private bodies and federal entities.

Thus, the scope and the chances of these bodies vulnerable to lose their information is less or totally minimized. Keeping in mind the current trends and upgradation in the networks, the Cisco has well-planned this certification.

It might be difficult to achieve this certification, but it is definitely not impossible also. It can be said that Cisco has made every effort to make the skill go along the trends, social engineering etc. This facilitates the protection of the information of the large entities from being stolen or any other kind of threat.

Prerequisites for this certification

Like already discussed, the CCNA Security certification is of the associate level and so, the candidate will have to clear the 100-101 exam and the interconnecting Cisco network devices part 1 (ICND1). In fact, this is a requirement so as to let the person into the associate level (CCNA Security certification) i.e. 210-260.


The skill is imparted or taught to the candidates by way of deploying, testing, troubleshooting, configuration, maintaining the various network securities, devices. Training of the knowledge and the skill is given to the candidate in order to measure the competency of all the candidates. The one that shows the best skill and applicability of the knowledge will be able to clear this.

The subject areas like the Cisco Firepower Next generation IPS, BYOD, SIEM technologies etc. Most importantly, all of these subject areas carry weightage specifically applicable for each of them. They being – VPN = 17%, secure access = 14%, Cisco firewall technologies = 18%, content and endpoint security = 12%, security concept = 12%, IPS = 9% and so on goes their importance.

Planning to study as per this will turn out to be advantageous for the students with PrepAway practice tests:

Guidelines for preparation:

Following the instructions of your tutor to excel in this certification is advisable. However, if you are packed with your schedule leaving no time to attend a training session on a regular basis then, you can also opt for online training sessions that are mostly for free.

You can also get trained in this regard by the Cisco training that exclusively is available for the candidates. The training is given by the best Certified Cisco instructors and tutors. There is also some expert written books and study materials available at Cisco marketplace bookstore. Grab your copies now.

210-260 exam under Cisco CCNA Security certification

In order to get this certification, the candidates will be required to take the 210-260 exam. For that, you will first have to register. There are some requirements that the candidates have to comply with in order to be eligible for this exam. They are:

  • Minors under the age of 13 years of age are not eligible to take up this certification program.
  • People under the age of 18 years.
  • Provide the authenticated identification to the concerned authorities at the time of registration. This avoids and eliminates the possibilities of any kind of risk factor.

Exam model under this certification

Each of the students is required to answer about 60-70 practice test questions in a time period of 90 minutes. In order, to make the best use of the skill acquired by you during the entire training period – it is advisable to keep taking periodical tests and evaluation sessions to improve the performance. The exam fee structure varies as per your country from which you are from. Before applying for this, make sure that you comply with every point of the requirement.

Post the exam

Each of the candidates will be mailed the score card or report which they may use at the time of admission or as and when required mostly. You can have the scorecard photocopied for further use.

The candidates must be proficient enough in the training so as to reach the scores set up after statistical analysis. Sometimes, the percentage of the merit too keeps changing as per the updates. Have a tab on the changes in order to stay updated.

Do not think about any longer. Help yourself with the best CCNA Security training from PrepAway and you will be on the way towards the success of achieving the Cisco CCNA Security certification.

We wish you all the success in your efforts to gain the CCNA Security certification.