If you are going to give a new look to one of the rooms, take a look at the cabinet doors. This is one of those elements that play an main role. With the help of nice doors, you will be able to hide the contents of your closet or dressing room from prying eyes. The room will look tidy, and all the decor elements will be combined harmoniously.

It is necessary to take into account such parameters as the layout of the room, the interior style and the parameters of the furniture in order to find the right cabinet door. Choosing the right bypass sliding closet doors on https://unitedporte.us/interior-bypass-doors will be much easier if you study their types described below.

1. Bypass sliding closet doors

The first type of the closet door – doors that move on special “rails”. They differ markedly from other types of doors. You can install them in the closet to have open only the part with clothes hanger or shelves.

Such doors are compact enough and don’t take up the useful space of the room. They are often a part of a built-in wardrobe. For decoration, you can choose mirror or glass inserts, carved elements. This will make the room look stylish and sophisticated.

2. Pocket door

Pocket doors are a more miniature variation of other models. You can hide them into a niche in the wall and flaps are great for small spaces. Opened doors don’t take up space of the room. You will be able to examine everything stored inside, and the elements will not be covered by anything. The best design of such doors is painting them in soothing colours. The most popular are:

  • white;
  • gray;
  • blue.

You can easily pick up a trendy colour that will add variety or perfectly complement the existing style. The colour of the doors can match the furniture or the walls.

The decoration of these models is varied. Choose stylish fittings, the design of which will match the interior. Glass inserts make the decoration more unique. Individual decor is a priority for many house owners, so an unusual interior can be found in every apartment.

3. Sliding barn door

To create a rustic interior, you can choose closet doors with moving parts. The elements move on the guides, but, unlike the above-described model, they are located outside the box. The doors are placed close to the wall. With their help, you will save valuable space by using it to install additional decorative elements or furniture.

Previously, such models were installed outside the residential part of the house to separate the storage space for various items that are not needed in everyday life. But now this design has gained popularity again. Many people want to add novelty to their houses and choose similar flaps for their dressing rooms.

4. Single swing door

Swing doors are always trendy. They are equipped with a simple mechanism that makes it easy to open and close them. The same construction can be installed as interior doors. You already know how it works, so there will be no problems when installing new sashes and using them.

If there are small children in the house, you can add fittings to the system so that the sashes remain motionless without effort. The door is ideal for both a small closet and a spacious walk-in closet. Choose the closet doors style to your liking to enjoy every minute spent in your cozy house.

5. Rotating door

Hinged doors fit perfectly into large rooms. They add chic and sophistication to the interior. Their models differ from the classic systems that hang on hinges in the door frame. This system rotates using elements installed at the top and bottom. The door can be conveniently open, and you will get to any part of your own closet.

After studying with the suggested types of flaps, you can choose one model that will be a perfect addition to the atmosphere of any interior. You will create a unique design and your dressing room interior will become much more interesting.

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