Everyone is aware of the benefits digital marketing offers for businesses in the online world. People have used different techniques and strategies to popularise their businesses and stay ahead of their competitors. However, these strategies change from time to time and may need some modification to remain relevant.

With the start of a new yearit’s the perfect time to look at what’s hot in the digital marketing world. Below is a list of top digital marketing trends in 2020 to yield the best results for online marketing in Adelaide.

1. Personalisation –

Personalisation has hit every industry in the world and if you have not realised it yet, now is the right time. You need to understand what your customers need and create personalised strategies to reach them. Most people feel that personalised advertising gives them a feeling that they are being valued. Look at some of these facts below:

  • 90% of consumers think that personalisation is appealing
  • 63% do not like generic advertisements
  • 80% prefer to do business with companies offering personalised experiences

2. Customer Experience –

Starting in 2020, companies will no longer ignore the importance of customer experience. Most companies offer almost identical products in a similar price range but what makes one company stand apart is the customer experience it provides. Customer experience mainly includes but is not limited to ease of purchasing, payment options, support, latest technology, mobile experience, etc. Companies will now focus on providing an excellent customer experience that will make their customers come back again and again. If you take care of the customer experience, the customers will automatically take care of the marketing part.

3. Influencer Marketing –

Ever heard of ‘word of mouth’ marketing? Now imagine that one person’s word reaches millions of people at the same time. This is influencer marketing. Influencers (mainly Instagram and YouTube celebrities) have a huge number of followers who look up to their content and believe in everything they post. Companies identify the influencers who are relevant to their product and collaborate with them.

Another thing to notice is that AI is entering the influencer marketing domain. It will help companies to identify influencers who are easy to partner with, have better engagement, and have a higher chance of better ROI.

4. Messaging App Marketing –

Messaging apps are popular as people spend more time on Whatsapp than Facebook nowadays. If your target audience is busy texting other people, why not reach them through their favourite messaging app. You can easily send promotional messages to your customers on apps like Facebook messenger or Whatsapp on a daily basis, give them updates on upcoming offers, and the like.

5. Voice Search –

The use of smart speakers like Alexa have made companies up their digital marketing game for 2020. Look at the points below:

  • Almost half of the searches will come via voice by 2020
  • AI assistants like Alexa and Siri will become more intelligent
  • 72% of smart speaker owners use them daily

It is the right time to focus on audio searches and deliver value to your customers. Also, it is highly possible that advertisements will be a part of audio searches as they are an integral part of YouTube nowadays.

6. Make the Best Use of ‘Stories’-

Snapchat was built on the concept of adding pictures or videos that disappear after a short duration. Other social media applications like Facebook and Whatsapp also copied the same, and even YouTube has now introduced a similar concept.

Stories are an excellent way for companies to market themselves and interact with their audience daily. They can also create a feeling of FOMO to increase their revenue.


2020 has already begun and now is the time to plan and execute what’s going to help the most. If you feel that you need to focus on your business more and not worry about the digital marketing part, hiring the best digital marketing agency in Adelaide might do the trick.