Computers, once a machine to assist humans in getting their tasks done exponentially have turn out to be an entertainment gadget.

As of now, the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar world, and every electronics brand has put its foot into this niche. This is a must-have gadget now, a modern requirement and a primary aspect of every professional and personal need.

The previous decade has witnessed an incredible transition in the technological world. Big bulky tower computers have transitioned into sleek, easy to carry power-packed laptops. People now prefer having a laptop instead of a PC due to the portability issue. Even avid gamers have started opting with gaming laptops, and the latest sales chart proves my statement.

Now, you can have every high-ended high-graphic oriented game run on your laptop without any hiccup.

If you wish to purchase the best gaming laptop under $1500, you landed on the right spot. In this article, we are going to pen down the best gaming laptops under the budget.

Stick to the guide, and at the end of it, I am pretty sure, you would have picked a laptop to purchase.

Best gaming laptops under $1500:

For an expert gamer, it is really very hard to settle with a low-ended gaming machine. These days’ people are replacing their high-power desktop computers with power-house gaming laptops. The laptops are ideal for often travelers and prove to be the best travel companion. You can have your work done without any hiccup, and amuse with the desired games on the go.

1) HP OMEN 17


HP OMEN 17 checks all the right boxes and falls right on our criterion of a dedicated gaming machine. The laptop bolsters ideal hardware configuration, and that is the reason for its inclusion on the top of the list. The brand has put an amazing range of features to make the expensive gaming machine to stand out.

The laptop features 8th generation Intel core i7 processor with turbo boost technology. The laptop also houses an abundant 16GB RAM to handle multitasking and heavy work on the go. With the inclusion of 6GB NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics card, the laptop sweeps all other laptops in the list from the roots.

The storage department is taken care of meticulously. It has the combo of an SSD and HDD storage, with 1TB HDD drive and 128GB SSD drive you will enjoy ample storage and speed under one floor.

The HP OMEN must be an ideal grab for an expert gamer. The laptop houses a 17-inches screen which is a big display to play every game you love. The FHD screen with WLED backlit display, anti-glare display, and wide viewing angle renders vibrant display without hurting your eyesight.

The Zoned backlit keyboard the laptop integrates helps you play games in low-light conditions. The gamers love to have a backlit keyboard, as it gives a mesmerizing environment of playing video games.

As for as the battery run time is concerned, the laptop offers a good range of battery backup, more than 6 hours and 45 minutes in single charging.

After going through the specs and its features, we can assure you that this gaming machine is a good replica of your hard-earned money and runs every high-ended game with low to average settings.

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2) Acer Predator Helios 300

Acer Predator Helios 300

Every gaming laptop list includes Acer Predator Helios 300 gaming laptop, and there are reasons for that. The laptop is one of the popular machines in the gaming community; this is because it offers splendid gaming performance and configuration without costing arms and legs. The laptop comes with gaming look and has powerful internal, which makes it an ideal choice in gamers. The laptop shares a black metal chassis with predator logo on the lid which adds attraction to it for sure.

The gaming laptop features a bigger and wider LCD screen, 17.3 is enough to captivate everything going on the screen, right? The screen houses IPS panels, LED-backlit, and wide viewing angles to offer watch screen from any angle without any issue.

It shares 8th generation Intel core i7-8750H processor which can reach up to 4.1 GHz clock speed. The processor is enough to power to cope with the load you throw at it in the form of high-ended games or multitasking. It pairs with a plentiful 16GB RAM to keeps an eye on your multi-tasking.

 The machine also bolsters a high-ended NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 dedicated graphics card which rocks the gaming world for sure. You will have every desired game run on the gaming laptop without receiving tiny of the rendering of freezing for sure and that’s why every Tech Youtuber and logger recommended this laptop. You can check its overall stats and gaming benchmarks at Guru Verdict – Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500 Dollars

The storage side of the laptop is managed very well. It owns a huge 1TB of HDD drive for storing data and 256GB SSD drive for booting. You will not face any storage issue with the range of HDD drive it integrates with.

Apart from these features, it houses a backlit featuring keyboard which helps to play games in low light conditions. The backlit keyboard really renders impeccable ambiance and boost the gaming values within a gamer.

To keep the internal temperature at an optimum level, it houses a dual-fan cooling system which handles the heat generation in high intensive gaming session and multi-tasking work.

In a nutshell, the Acer Predator Helios 300 comes with every gaming feature a gamer would ever require in his gaming career. The laptop is downright stolen, at a price, and you must not let the season sale go.

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3) MSI GV72 8RE-007

MSI GV72 8RE-007

MSI brand has earned its unique place in the world of gaming laptops manufacturing. The top gaming laptop producer is famous due to high-ended gaming machines under a good price range. For $1500 you can have a full HD 17.3-inch display, FHD anti-glaring, wide viewing angle featuring gaming laptop which is not a bad deal at all.

MSI, with GV72 8RE-007, has managed to lower down the weight to a marginal range; the machine weighs 5.95 pounds despite featuring wide 17-inches display.

The gaming laptop houses 8th generation core i7-8750H processor to skyrocket processing, the laptop features ample 16GB RAM a hands-down gaming laptop with a powerhouse of productivity in gaming and other regular chores.

With 17.3 inches screen and FHD display the laptop incorporate NVidia GTX 1060 graphics card and render vivid graphics on the screen. The laptop supports VR; you can imagine the level of power-packed gaming with this feature.

As for the storage, the section is concerned, it has a 256GB SSD and 1TB 7200RPM HDD. It is the best combination to have speed and storage without any trouble.

MSI with this gaming laptop has upgraded its cooler boost technology. The technology ensures the laptop will receive a cool breeze inside the laptop and will never allow thermal throttling to disrupt your performance.

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4) Lenovo Legion Y7000

Lenovo Legion Y7000

If you are after buying a good looking gaming machine with impeccable performance range, look nowhere you got the right option before you with Lenovo Legion Y7000. The machine bolsters a stunning look with powerful innard, hands-down aesthetics.

The Lenovo front-runner features a 15.6 inches FHD Anti glaring display with wide viewing angle for a clear and vibrant display. The thin 0.3 bezels of it make you have more display and fewer bezels.

The laptop is powered with Intel 8th generation core i7-8750H processor paired with abundant 16GB of RAM. The laptop is a quite decent combination of powerful processing and mind-blowing multi-tasking.

With trendy HDD+SDD storage combination, you got a hell of space to store your video games, music, movies, and all data along with skyrocketing files retrieval.

The graphics section is taken care with 6GB of NVidia GeForce GTX 1060, which is a great add-on, no doubt. You can have any video game running over there with low to medium settings with zero renderings and freezing for sure.

As long as the battery is concerned, it houses a good battery; the battery withstands six long hours with single charging.

Along with all these amazing ranges of specs and features, you got your hands on a less-weight having gaming machine. It weighs only 5.1 pounds of weight, an ideal option to shop for if you are an often travelers.

I am pretty sure the laptop fills the bills of expert and casual gamers. You get pretty large storage capacity with incredible speed and stunning graphics card range which is capable of showing vibrant graphics on the screen.

5) Dell G5 series 7588

Dell G5 series 7588

Dell is in laptop manufacturing for quite some time. The brand has developed some amazing beasts, which has made them enough power to come in the expensive gaming laptop world. The listed gaming laptop shares a Licorice Black Color with the blue Dell logo on the lid, which gives a rich color and feels. The laptop is configured with a wide range of good specification and features; you will have an amazing time playing your favorite games over there.

The laptop is powered with 9th generation intel core i7-9750H processor, paired with 16GB RAM, which is good enough to deliver amazing speed on the go.

The laptop’s storage is better and wider than other laptops mentioned in the list. With 1TB SATA drive and 128GB SSD drive for booting, it intends to offer more than needed speed for storing files and folder you want. You have enough space to store your games, movies, music files; will have no space issue at all.

The laptop’s graphics card, on the other hand, is something must commend. It houses a 6GB NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics card, enough to hold your high-ended games without any freezing or rendering.

The laptop sports a 15.6 inches FHD screen. The integration of anti-glare LED panels, IPS technology gives you stunning graphics with great vividness from any angle without hurting your eyes.

Dell has come up with a cutting-edge cooling system. The machine comes installed with dual fans cooling system, which keeps the vital organs cool without letting the machine reaches thermal throttling while doing heavy tasks.

I must say, the laptop passes over checking benchmarks with flying colors and lands right on the criterion of a dedicated gaming machine. You rarely witness the great range of specification under the mentioned budget.