Nearly every woman today has a sneaker for her wardrobe and you must have one or two in your closet too. Sneakers have made a comeback these past couple of years and you may need to invest in one or two pairs since there are new emerging trends that have influenced their forms and styles. The market now is offering a wide array of colors and designs that caters to everyone, young and old. No matter what your type is, there should be one or two sneakers that can suit your style. So, here are five top sneaker trends for Spring 2018 that you need to consider before you buy your next pair.

1. Logo Sneakers

Wearing the logo of your favorite consumer brand is no longer reserved for T-shirts and watches. It is now invading the footwear industry as well. Fashion houses have been busy in infusing iconic logos in innovative ways to their clotheslines. Sneaker manufacturers are also doing the same with their footgear. For the spring of 2018 and for the rest of the year, be on the lookout for women’s sneakers with logos of Chanel, Gucci, and other iconic names in the fashion industry. They will be incorporated in sneaker sides, heels or insoles. A sneaker with a famous name inscribed in it could mean it is an expensive pair.

2. The ‘90s Return

The styles of the 90s have been influencing the fashion industry in the past seasons and it is also now encroaching in sneaker lines. One sneaker line that made a big comeback is Nike Air Max 97. But this time around, this classic footgear is coming in different colors. This could make it even bigger than it was last fall. Some of the stalwarts in the industry such as Fila and New Balance are also coming back with their tried and tested classic sneakers in limited editions that they intend to release this year.

3. Bulky and Ugly Sneakers

It appears that the emerging trend for spring 2018 is “the uglier, the better.” This is what “in your face” sneakers seem to be telling consumers, including you. Apparently, greyed-off finishes, dirty and clunky sneakers are in along with the nostalgia of the 90s but interpreted with modern elements. A majority of designers from Louis Vuitton to Dior are infusing chunky and hefty sneakers into their sneaker lines. This seems to be at the core of their styles. As this clunky style reaches the market and gets accepted by the market, it can even penetrate clothing styles as well.

4. Return of the Classics

Along with the return of the ‘90s, sneakers will also experience a return of the classics for spring 2018. They are proving to be timeless classics that you can wear anytime and you won’t be out of fashion. For instance, you could see more Converse high-top sneakers on the shelves this spring. Dad sneakers could also be one of them since they are becoming a must-have shoe these days.

They were first seen on models and it seems that everybody wore them at Fashion Week. Now, a slew of fashion houses such as Zara, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga are coming out with Dad sneakers this spring. It won’t be hard for you to find one at a very friendly price.

5. Sneakers With Color-Blocking

Another sneakers emerging trend this spring 2018 is color-blocking. These colors will not just be two or three shades of color hues. They could include a whole host of colors of the spectrum, along with their corresponding hues and intensities. This will be great for those who don’t want to settle for just the primary colors. Rainbow or color-blocked sneakers are going to be the craze this coming spring, according to fashion stylists and prognosticators.

That means every color that is inside Roy G. Biv will see their representations coming out in sneakers this spring 2018. But expect to see the base colors of yellow, red and blue in all the collections of popular fashion houses.

What’s The Bottom Line?

There are other emerging trends for sneakers this coming season but these top five trends could be the ones that will influence the styles and forms of footgear that most top fashion houses will be coming out with. Consider these trends before spending your hard earned cash.