Technology has caught up with the long-standing desires of human imagination. What was once a fantasy, is an augmented reality today. For years, the AR was used in military and gaming applications but due to the new wave of innovation, it has entered the mobile market allowing users to virtually interact with their surroundings.

Has location-based mobile technology ever appealed to you? If so, then hold onto your hat as mobile spyware apps have emerged to help you monitor your business and personal relationships. In this techno-digital era, these spy apps have become a bridge between physical and digital world.

The word ‘spy’ is generally used as a negative connotation, manifesting an illegitimate activity. But mobile spying has diverse uses and possibilities, that enables you to become an effective user of technology.

iPhones are popular among people as they fall under the category of sophisticated piece of technology. in the world of smartphones, iPhones are a real phenomenon. However, they too have scrambled loopholes so a powerful spyware app can easily access information from them. So instead of wearing disguises or using hi-tech gadgets, here are top 5 iPhone spy apps that can easily turn you into James Bond.


Whether you are a tech wizard or a novice, the impressive user interface of XNSPY makes it a reliable app for all potential users. XNSPY aims at monitoring and reporting the target without any interference. No wonder it is popular among people due to its remote and discreet functioning.

XNSPY works in stealth mode so your target will never know he was being spied. It is a cinch to install as it takes about 3-5minutes for installation. No physical installation is required in a Non-jailbreak iPhone. Only iCloud login credentials are valid. It offers monitoring via online console called ‘Dashboard Monitoring’. This is a web-based control panel which provides access to all the information stored in the target phone. XNSPY also offers state-of-the art features which include monitoring call log, texts and chats, email correspondence, social media tracking, remote commands, etc. One unique feature which makes XNSPY distinctive is recording phone calls and surroundings. The app automatically records the target’s phone calls and his surroundings so that you can listen to their conversation as well as the in-room conversation taking place near your target. It is indeed a remarkable accomplishment of this spy app.

Like other mobile spyware apps, XNSPY is no exception to flaws. It often causes gps glitches when tracking the target location which can result in confusion, but a strong internet connection is a prerequisite to spying which offers real-time monitoring and tracking. The app with its extensive range of features and an affordable subscription fee is a decent pick for the users.


iOS monitoring is not easy, but is quite convenient thanks to mSpy, which offers preeminent features and works undetectably. This powerful surveillance tool is compatible with all iOS software and works best with all Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak iPhones. Though it offers you to remotely monitor text messages, IM chats, call logs, email correspondence, gps location, etc. but what makes it interesting is the fact that you can restrict the incoming calls from a specified number on the target iPhone. These restrictions are managed by personalizing the Control Panel.

However, only a limited number of features are available by mSpy if your target phone is Non-Jailbreak. This is a huge turn off for the potential users as they cannot avail its features including gps tracking and geo-fencing, IM chats except for WhatsApp, email correspondence, remote commands, etc. Though the app is a reliable tool offering enhanced functioning, it is too expensive to be used by budgeted users.


FlexiSpy is known to offer cross-platform solutions to all smartphones, including iPhones. A premium app, FlexiSpy is both simple and intuitive. Giving you a variety of monitoring opportunities, it runs in the background, undetectably. It is often said to be a forerunner in call recording. From multimedia monitoring to call interception to gps location tracking, FlexiSpy works in a proficient manner. The app has upgraded its features and revamped its website to add to its appeal. One premium feature that FLexiSpy offers is Remote Spy Camera which enables you to secretly take the picture of the target iPhone and also see and listen to the Facetime calls of the target with his contacts.

Though the app offers advanced monitoring, this comes with a price. Installation of FlexiSpy in a target phone is a complicated manner, especially for those who are not tech-savvy as it offers advanced interface. If you’re looking for an affordable software, FlexiSpy will not be your first choice.


PhoneSheriff is a versatile spy app that can help you comprehensively monitor the target device in real-time. It can be instantly installed and downloaded, without any hindrance. It is specifically designed as a parental control app since it offers you to set restrictions along with monitoring the target.

PhoneSheriff is a leading parental monitoring app as it provides impressive features that ensure strict surveillance. Apart from monitoring calls, texts, mails, and gps location, the app offers certain privileges to parents to keep a tab on their kids. You can customize the time restrictions in the control panel so that whenever you want, your child’s phone will get locked. Also, you can block any app you don’t approve of along with limiting child’s internet usage, outgoing calls, messaging options, etc.

Since the app does too much interference in the target phone, the whole purpose of spying is lost as the target will perceive that someone is controlling their device.

5Highster Mobile

One of the best reputed iPhone spy apps, Highster Mobile is recommended by many because it offers a hefty set of features at one-time payable price. Like other mobile spyware, it is compatible with both Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak iPhones but its Non-Jailbreak technology surpasses all competition. It involves over-the-air method (OTA) to ensure fast and easy reporting and monitoring. This technology allows the user to monitor the target phone without any physical access. Such a technology has risks involved as it can be misused by hacker of thieves.

One of the remarkable features of Highster Mobile is its stealth camera which enables you to see what they are doing and to whom they are talking. Such a feature is ideal for jealous spouses, suspicious employers, and concerned parents. Another interesting feature of the app is its ability to uninstall remotely when its unneeded. Therefore, its absolute covert monitoring makes it a reliable and authentic monitoring tool.

The choice?

The proliferation of tech gadgets and the dangers lurking behind the internet have led to an increase on the trends of mobile spying. Considering it a necessity, I curated the best iPhone apps from among the plethora of monitoring software.

Though no app is perfect, each has its pros and cons that makes it popular among people, based on their requirements. I declare XNSPY the winner amongst them all, as it does a commendable job on its robust set of features, affordable pricing, and excellent customer service. Overall, this impeccable software offers a good value for your money.

What’s your choice of a spy app?

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Marie Murray
Marie Murray
Apr 27, 2017 12:30 pm

Is Jailbreak a preferred method over Non-Jailbreak program? I’m a bit confused about both as Non-jailbreak version seems hassle-free and ideal for a less savvy person like me but retrieving iCloud login credentials of the target seems difficult. However, if I use the Jailbreak version, I will have to wait quite a long time till the jailbreak version of an IOS device is available in the market. Please write something about this in detail so that readers can clear their clouded thoughts.

Jimmy Musk
Jimmy Musk
Apr 25, 2017 7:37 am

Due to issues like cyberbullying, sexting, digital harassment, etc. spy apps have become mainstream. They have diverse uses and possibilities. I myself am a tech enthusiast so I know how tantalizing this topic is among web developers and researchers. In the near future, spy apps will have enhanced capabilities that will be available to a massive audience.

Alice Arifova
Alice Arifova
Apr 20, 2017 8:39 am

The article is very informative, offering a brief detail about some of the best spy apps I’ve heard of. After reading about each and every app mentioned, I was clearly able to decide which one would be most suitable for me based on my budget and purpose of spying. I hope other readers also have a clear head when it comes to choosing the best spy app.

Apr 14, 2017 7:21 am

I want to know if internet connection is mandatory for working of a spy app? You can’t always make sure if your target has an internet connection in their phone 24/7. Also let me know how can I view the updates of my target if their phone did not have internet connection for some time.

Apr 7, 2017 6:46 am

it is indeed true that technology has advanced over the years and spying apps are the best thing to date, especially for people like me who get overly worried. I use spying app to watch over my son. Being a working mom, I get to spend less time with him so I try to make up for some of my responsibilities through a spy app.