When it comes to protecting your relationship from infidelity, nothing should be left to chance. Anything of value deserves protection and what’s more valuable than your marriage or a committed relationship. Even when all is well in your relationship, it’s wise to keep your eyes wide open, communicate effectively, and put some guard rails in place to keep things safe and on track. Since ladies are often the more communicative half of a relationship, it may fall on them to take the initiative and make sure important things should be addressed. Every relationship has its own circumstances and challenges, but there are key danger zones that are standard across large numbers of partners. To help you keep tabs on your partner, here we have compiled a list of top 5 iPhone spying apps that can cater to almost all your concerns. These applications ensure you will have an affair-proof relationship. Here is our selection of best apps for tapping into your partners’ iOS device.

1. MSpy

MSpyMpsy offers a fantastic blend of flexibility and control. More importantly, you don’t need a degree in network administration to comprehend its features. You can use the free online assistance to install it on the targeted iPhone, which allows users to install the app without any hassle. The clean interface of the spyware makes it easy to understand and use. You can easily control everything from the web portal that displays the sites your partner has visited and how long he was there. It even lets you view his SMS and MMS messages together with call log details. The seven-day free trial is a good way to check this application’s performance and if you think it’s a useful tool, then you can always subscribe for a plan that fits your budgeting and spying needs. The Basic package of Mspy starts from $29.99 a month which is quite pricey for a spy app considering that today there are several affordable and reliable options available on the market. Plus, the software lacks few advanced monitoring features such as surround recording and call recording. On top of it, Mspy doesn’t support some popular IM chats.


XNSPYXNSPY is another excellent tool that can be used to monitor your spouse or lovers’ iPhone or iPad. It lets you track incoming and outgoing calls and watch received and sent text messages. Additionally, you can view multimedia data and contact information stored on the monitored iPhone. This cell phone tracking app is great because the system allows you to keep a watch on your partner’s internet activity. Track his or her browsing history to ensure that he is not visiting online gift shops, hotel, and restaurant websites to make reservations you are not aware of. XNSPY also gives suspicious partners the opportunity to check social networks like Tinder, Instagram, etc. They can also view the chats taking place via Kik Messenger, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Apple’s popular iMessage. Advance tracking features like call recording, GPS tracking, watch list enable you to further up your game. With instant watch list alerts, you can define suspicious words, locations and contact names to receive notification on their usage. What else you will love about XNSPY? The GPS functionality gives you the entire route of history, so if the target phone is lost or stolen, you can track it down. As far as the installation process is concerned, it’s a breeze to set up. XNSPY supports both jailbreak and no-jailbreak iOS devices. It won’t take no longer than a few minutes to install a jailbreak or no-jailbreak version on the target iPhone. In case, you require any help the 24/7 live customer support is there to assist you. To your surprise, it is one of the few iPhone spying apps that won’t cost you an arm and a leg despite offering such a huge cache of features. The price for XNSPY’s Basic subscription plan is just $8.33 a month and offers a money back guarantee too. That said, the tracking software has some shortcomings. It doesn’t support Windows and BlackBerry devices and you can monitor just one device under one license.

3. FlexiSpy

FlexiSpyFlexiSpy is considered by most tech-savvy users who deem it one of the apps for monitoring iPhone that is complete, stylish and easy to use. Unlike other spy apps, FlexiSpy has a jailbreak and a semi-jailbreak version. This means it won’t give you complete control over a non-jailbreak iOS device. To enjoy optimal tracking, you have to jailbreak the device. Else, you won’t be able to use advanced spying features like device surround recording, tracking popular IM chats, sending remote commands or blocking apps on the phone. The smartphone monitoring application has the capability to record phone calls, and track locations. While the customer support is free, you can get in touch with them at any time. One month premium subscription will cost you $68. A good explanation of the installation process takes some extra time to set it up as it takes less tech-savvy users a good eight to nine minutes to install it on the target device. You should also note that remote stealth camera feature doesn’t provide immediate results. Moreover, it lacks geofencing feature which sends a notification when a target visits a restricted area.

4. Highster Mobile

Highster MobileThe next on the list of apps for monitoring iPhone is Highster Mobile. The spyware helps you keep an eye on sent and received text messages and multimedia files. The moment a message is received or sent, Highster Mobile sends out this information to your personal control panel. There you can see these messages without ado. It also lets you eavesdrop on phone calls. Another excellent feature of the app is the ability to capture high resolution pics and videos from the camera on the target device. In case, you want to know the whereabouts of your partner, it can help you do that too with its GPS location feature. In addition to the basic features, Highster Mobile offers users several new options to spy on others. For instance, see WhatsApp Skype messages and contacts. View browser history to control pages your partner has opened while he or she was online. Highster Mobile also proffers some advanced spying options. But in order to make them work for you, you have to jailbreak the Apple phone. Also, downloading the app takes a bit longer and you can face difficulties in obtaining the communication log. Plus, it has a one-time fee that is quite exorbitant.

5. Mobile Spy

Mobile SpyMobile Spy app gives you the power to lock the device, view the screen and send remote commands to enable different features in real-time. You can extract SIM information and bound the app to deliver the logs directly to your email address. Mobile Spy also helps you monitor internet browsing by providing all the details of the visited websites and bookmarks. Users can even monitor YouTube videos with this program. Another highly appreciable feature of Mobile Spy that comes in handy when you are done tracking a particular iPhone is uninstallation of the app. All you need to do is follow the provided instructions and carry out uninstallation process from a remote location. A three-month subscription plan of Mobile Spy will cost you $49.97. If you are looking to track a no-jailbreak iOS phone in this price Mobile Spy will be a letdown. Because the non-rooted version of the app doesn’t allow users to track some of the popular IM platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook.


In the light of all the facts, we pick MSpy and XNSPY from the cohort. But if you insist to one, we would go with XNSPY. Why? Because it a more practical option and offers a wide array of features without breaking your bank.