Truck Accessories

Truck lovers will do anything it takes to customize and maintain their vehicles. While some only prefer to buy trucks and 4×4 to feel and look ‘tough’, there are those who opt for these heavy-duty vehicles because of their power and durability as well as their hauling and towing capabilities. Americans move a lot and love going interstate, their trucks provide mobility and they are excellent for long drives.

Trucks are dependable workhorses and they provide added protection to people driving and riding them. Accessories, on the other hand, enhance your truck’s look and add features that don’t come with your truck automatically.

Here are the best truck accessories that will make a difference in your vehicle, no matter where you’re heading.

1. Under Seat Storage

People prefer trucks because they can carry heavy things. Those who love sports and outdoor activities have plenty of gears to store in their trucks. Under seat storages are a must-have because they organize your truck and protect your gears.

There are corrosion-resistant, crack proof and fade proof under seat storage’s available online and from leading manufacturers.

2. Gate Defenders

Tailgates or hatches can easily be stolen. This is why as a truck owner, you need to be able to protect your vehicle as well as its parts in whatever way possible. An excellent accessory to prevent tailgate thefts is a universal tailgate lock. Once installed, tailgates can easily be opened and closed but cannot be removed.

3. Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers provide safety and security for your cargo, protect your vehicle from outdoor elements and increase your truck’s fuel economy by up to 10%. Because of the numerous benefits they bring, truck owners willingly invest on tonneau covers.

Most manufacturers provide a detailed set of instructions that describes how to install a tonneau cover, thus, you don’t need to ask professional mechanics to install them for you.

4. Floor Liners

If you have kids, you’ll know how many “accidents” can happen in an ordinary day. Chocolates, ice cream and other food spills are constant part of your day-to-day activities.

Floor liners eliminate the risk of permanently damaging your interior carpet. If you want to make sure that unsightly stains and flaws won’t affect the appearance of your truck or bring down its resale value, you need to invest on quality floor liners.

5. Tents and Awnings

Tents and awnings are self-standing and retractable. They protect you and your truck from blazing sun and sudden downpours. They are inexpensive and they usually fit onto the side of most roof racks and roof bars, so you won’t need additional accessories to install or support them.

6. Fender Flares

Apart from enhancing the look of your truck, fender flares also provide protection from mud, water, kicked up rocks, or other road debris. They are made of plastic, ABS or polyurethane and are placed around the wheel wells of your truck. Installing fender flares does not require a lot of specialized knowledge, but it’s necessary that you choose the right fender flares that fit your truck.

7. Light Bars

Light bars add aesthetic appeal to your truck and provide extra visibility and driver safety. If you frequently travel offroad, light bars are excellent in making sure you don’t collide with trees, boulders and other objects.

8. Front Grill Guard

A grille guard’s function is similar with bumper guard or bull bar. It is a fully welded piece of steel that is mounted to your truck’s frame, providing outstanding protection and rugged appearance.

9. Trailer Brake Controllers

If you’re towing a trailer using your truck, you may find it difficult to slow down because of the additional weight behind your truck. In order to avoid accidents, you would need trailer brake controllers which activate your trailer’s electric or electric-over-hydraulic brakes when you hit your truck’s brake. There are many types of trailer brake controllers available for you in the market, so make sure to do your research and find the best one that you find most convenient and most effective.

These are some of the most useful truck accessories that will make your life easier. Most of them won’t break the bank, and if you do your research well, you’ll chance upon accessories that are way cheaper but as durable as those manufactured by reputable brands.