In modern cities, pollution has made us forget about the real contagious agents that reside close to us in our beds. These are the bed bugs -known as Acari in their scientific naming- which cannot be easily eradicated from their sources. However, there are some valid bed bugs tips that can help you get relieved from their presence once and for all.

In order to be more successful in giving your bed the best clearance from bed bugs, you need to know their anatomy as well as their habits and way of life. That is why you may first analyze how they live and then make a true strategic plan as to what actions you need to take to eliminate them from your mattresses and pillows.

Bed bugs have been living with human beings ever since the species have appeared on earth. They are quite miniscule that you could only see them with the use of the microscope. That is why people in the 18th century were amazed to find that these bugs were breeding in massive numbers over people’s skin and tried to eradicate them with extra soap use and washing.

However, today there are more sophisticated ways to make them leave your bed without the need to interfere with your facial chemical balance. That means you don’t need to wash your face each and every time using soap and other chemical detergents as you may risk the ability of your facial skin glands to regulate the right pH for the preservation of your health.

How do beg bugs live?

How do beg bugs live

These bed bugs are small insects that are literally being fed by your own cells. This means they are not attacking yourself, but they rather like to be like parasites that are waiting for your dead cells to be thrown away and start feeding with them. There are multiple views in this matter as some scientists believe that bed bugs could potentially enter your skin by penetrating the wounds you may have and provoke systematic inflammation that may be serious for your health.

However, this has been rarely seen in humans that have a good level of health since our immune system can easily deal with such intruders in a matter of minutes upon breach of protection. On the other hand, there are people who have destroyed their immune system for certain medical reasons like transplantation and may be infected by these bed bugs which reside on their skin and could easily penetrate to their bloodstream through the operational wound. Then things can become a lot harder for the patients and that is why hospital beds are scrutinized for any kind of bug that may reside on them and create threatening for life situations.

Bed bugs can multiply their population in a matter of days, and this can be done so quietly that you will not even notice it. However, you may know that there are times when you are eradicating most of them from your skin when you are having long baths at the beach since they cannot stand the salty seawater.

Let’s now see some proposed methods to make the bed bugs abandon your mattresses!

Methods to keep the bed bugs away

First, you need to clean and sanitize your sleeping room every single day. There are some neutral spray detergents on the market that contain alcohol in small proportions. They are giving a great scent to your room while they are penetrating deep on the sheets, mattresses, and pillows. These are the places where the populations of bed bugs have been shown to be dramatically increasing. Upon initial application, you need to leave the spray formula get activated for a couple of minutes and then you should hit them thoroughly with a pole so that you are sure of their extinction.

Most of the time you will see that your sheets and mattresses are looking way cleaner this way. Of course, you should be prepared to change your sheets with new ones every two days and wash them in higher temperatures to make sure that bed bugs are eliminated by heat.

Additionally, you can have the new ultraviolet lamps that are sending special radiation to the sheets you are sleeping on that eradicates the bed bugs population. This invention has been recently appeared on Amazon and has taken the hotels market by storm. Especially in hotel mattresses that many people are sleeping on them, there has been a great hygiene problem by the presence of millions of those bugs.

These lamps are harmless for people and are used only once a week to disinfect the mattresses that are constantly used to host several guests in the hotel rooms. It has been scientifically proved, that this radiation if the applied right could eradicate at least 99% of the bed bugs that would be otherwise residing on the mattress and attack any person would lay on it.

As you can see these high-tech interventions to the bed bug proliferation keep on the best practices to keep bed bugs away from your precious and sensitive skin. You cannot really eradicate their full population, but you can always keep them closely regulated so that they don’t rapidly expand, which could easily make you get some nasty skin infections.


Bed bugs have been with us for millions of years. However, they need to be controlled if you don’t want to have additional problems. Modern ways to eliminate their presence on your mattresses and pillows have shown to be safe for your health as well as one of your kids and pets.You need to stay concentrated on the idea of having a scrutinized daily shower that helps you keeps away the bed bugs that are multiplying over your skin. This could be the best practice for any family member. Remember that bed bugs are found everywhere so make sure you take your precautions and be safe!