A Twitter executive wins a lawsuit against Elon Musk

A Twitter executive wins a lawsuit against Elon Musk

Twitter’s Vice President Sinead McSweeney has won a lawsuit against US billionaire Elon Musk, who recently acquired the company.

After being offered a resignation from the company, McSweeney filed a lawsuit against Musk’s decision in order to keep her position as Vice President of Global Public Policy.

The judicial authority granted the Twitter official the right to continue working and prevent termination of her contract.

Musk, via e-mail, had given the employees an ultimatum of working overtime or leaving and McSweeney didn’t respond well to this.

She said that she didn’t answer the message because it was unclear on several points. At the same time, she felt depressed and sad because she couldn’t get into the company’s systems and work from her office in Dublin, Ireland like everyone else.

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