Four people were killed and several injured when two helicopters collided in Australia. (video)

several injured when two helicopters collided in Australia.

Four people were killed, Monday, January 2, 2023, when two helicopters collided over Maine Beach, western Queensland , Australia.

Media published on social networks, video clips and pictures showing the crash site of the two helicopters, where the debris was scattered on the sand, amid the presence of a number of ships and people who were in the vicinity of the two helicopters, as shown in the videos before the moment of the collision.

According to Acting Queensland Police Superintendent Gary Worrell in an interview with local news network ABC, four individuals tragically lost their lives when two helicopters crashed near the Sea World theme park on Main Beach.

Worrell also made it clear that three other people are “in critical condition” and are receiving treatment in hospital, noting that the dead and injured were on board the same helicopter.

Consequently, both police and eyewitnesses verified that the crash happened when one helicopter was attempting to land as the other was preparing for take-off.

Earlier, the county ambulance service said that the accident resulted in 13 injuries, while it did not immediately confirm the presence of deaths, according to the Associated Press.

For his part, Angus Mitchell, chief commissioner of the Transport Safety Bureau in Australia, said that an investigation has been opened into the incident.