If you live in the UK, you will no doubt be very happy to see the arrival of summer, albeit very unpredictable and if you have lots of time on your hands, touring the country on a powerful motorcycle is a great way to spend your downtime. When on the roads, take note of the many big bikes that seem to come out of nowhere in the month of May, a testament to the growing popularity of big bike riding in the UK.

Camping or Bed & Breakfast

Those who love to adventure ride around the country usually camp or book online at a quaint bed & breakfast, both of which are affordable, giving you great accommodation as you experience the great British countryside.

Big Bike Riding

A bike is classed as ‘big’ if it has an engine size of 500cc or more and if you have zero riding experience, start with a lively 125cc machine, with limited power; then by taking a CBT and some theory tests, within 2 years, you will have that coveted Class A licence that allows you to ride superbikes. If you are looking for your first motorcycle, a Google search will take you to a leading UK bike dealer, where you can view a range of new and used bikes and book a test ride on your dream machine.

Riding Clothing

There are some hard and fast rules with biking; never ride without protective clothing and equipment – this consists of the following:

  • Full Face Helmet
  • Leather motorcycle jacket
  • Leather riding pants
  • Motorcycle gloves and boots

Check out the amazing Wheels Motorcycles jackets from the leading UK bike dealership, where you can get your bike and all the gear at very affordable prices. You might feel a bit like an astronaut with all your gear on, but coming off a bike is not a pleasant experience and when skin meets tarmac, the latter always wins! We recommend you wear a Hi-Vis vest, which makes you more visible to other road users and when riding, you need to be focused on everything that’s happening around you at all times.

Basic Riding Tuition

While this is part of the licence acquisition, you are advised to book with a private bike riding school, where the experts can teach you how to control the bike in all environments. You must understand the dynamics of safe riding and with hands-on experience comes the skills that will keep you safe. Never assume anything or take chances, as you are not snugly inside a metal cage and coming off leads to injury. Correct braking techniques are essential and wet weather riding skills need to be acquired. Click here for the novice biker’s checklist.

Speed Kills

It is a bit strange how you can climb aboard a 140hp superbike capable of speeds in excess of 230mph, yet the maximum speed limit is 70! Obviously, the faster you go, the less time you have to react and speed limits are there for a reason (bikes can be imaged with speed cameras), so resist the temptation to open up the throttle, except when climbing through the gears to reach cruising speeds. If you really must emulate the MotoGP riders, book time on a track and do it properly.

The Internet hosts a wealth of information, so you can plan for those long weekend Bank Holidays and experience the natural beauty of the British Isles and when Friday afternoon arrives, pack your gear and set off into the sunset. Click here for the Highway Code, which should be your riding Bible.

Once you have your dream machine and are kitted out, you are ready to explore the countryside and with campsites everywhere, you can select some of the best parts of the country to relax and enjoy the all-too-brief summer.

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