Bachelorette parties are crazy fun! It’s the one last moment of debauchery for you and your girls before you get married. It’s also that perfect moment to do that particular thing you and your gang always want to do.

Hollywood has painted a certain picture for how your bachelorette party should be, however, do not conform to the standards Hollywood has set. Do what works for you.

Bachelorette parties are special parties to make merry with the intending bride before the main wedding. However, bachelorette parties involve a great deal of work. Most times, the maid of honor is given the responsibility of organizing a perfect bachelorette party for her girls. It might be necessary to delegate responsibilities to other people.  

Organizing your friend’s party might be a stressful affair. You are doing everything possible to make your friend’s bachelorette party, a complete delight with an unforgettable experience? Easy, we’ve got you. We have prepared a list of things to do to make your party memorable. 

It was a pleasure to be the maid of honor at my best friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, and I must confess, I had wild fun with the girls. The bride couldn’t stop crying, and the girls couldn’t hold back the tears. The groom is from the far east, and indeed, it dawned on us like never before, that 20 friends cannot play for 20 years. What a better way to mark the night than giving her an unforgettable bachelorette party?

What does the bride want?

What does the bride want

The funny thing is that most brides already have a fantasy on how they want their bachelorette party to be. It’s the bride’s party—a trip ending with a memorable night to remember. So, the person in charge of the event planning should make sufficient inquiries to know what the bride wants.

What are the bride’s expectations? What does she want? If you’re going to make it unique for her, everything has to be perfect. Get all your details from the bride and welcome ideas from your friends.  It might be a fancy trip to Vegas, or just a night in Colorado sipping some tequila. If she likes it simple, give it to her. A night out with your friends, a hangout at a local restaurant, and stuffs

Once you know what to do, your job gets easier from there.

If your hens’ party is just for you and your buddies, there are no limits to the amount of fun and raunchy activities you may do. Fortunately, magic hens specialists planning the ideal hen parties for you. They know how to customize an event to appeal to everyone.

How to Plan the bachelorette party

How to Plan the bachelorette party

There are a lot of things to factor into this. How many people are you expecting to turn up for the event? What location should you use? How much should you spend? These are all questions you have to answer before you commit to any bachelorette party ideas. 

You have to make serious decisions on the perfect date and season for the bachelorette and also deciding on who to invite.  Surprise them by inviting their long lost best friends from preparatory, middle, and high school. There are lots to do. If you have to enlist the services of one of your friends, to make it easier for you. Don’t hesitate to do so. Hanger 66 offering an unusual alternative to the typical female-only celebration with pole dancing hens Night.

 Don’t forget to prepare for unforeseeable events. You never know what might happen

How to raise funds for the bachelorette party?

How do you handle finances? Ideally, the cost of funding the bachelorette party falls on the bridesmaids- the maid of honor and everybody else. 

You might find it convenient to open a general bank account, so everybody can contribute. This makes things easier 

How to make your bachelorette party unforgettable 

How do you create an extraordinary bachelorette experience for your friends?  Every single action spent in the preparation adds up to create a perfect experience for you. Some things you can never forget to check include;

  • Decorations
  • Photography and music
  • Games 
  • Menu
  • Gifts 

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Spend massively on decorations, decorations set up the ambiance of the place.  As a tip, the decoration must not be too dull or loud. Beautiful colors is a way to improve the outlook of the party while providing a comfortable environment for the guest.

Is the bride a fan of theme parties, or retro vibes? If the bride would like it, why not? However, since most bachelorette parties are attended by family, friends, and well-wishers who might be strangers to each other, it is crucial to create a welcoming atmosphere for the guest.

Balloons, trendy signs, funny cards, confetti, the bride, and bachelorette sashes could be used as interior decorations for this occasion.

Photography and music 

Don’t forget to make plans for photography and music! Employ the services of a disc jockey and a photographer.

If it is okay with the bride, post it on social media. There are plenty of Instagram and Snapchat tags for you to post your pictures. Once it’s on your social media page, you can always check it out and reminisce about the fun experiences you had at your party. Unforgettable you want, no better way.

It might be dope to get a photo booth and backdrop for bachelorette parties. Photo booths are beautiful for bachelorette parties. They give you retro vibes.

Enlist the services of a competent DJ to supply you with trendy music. Go over the music playlist with the DJ before the event. It is essential to include the favorite songs of the bride in the mixtape.


Bachelorette parties are more fun with games. These games turn out to be the highlight of the night. I can list several naughty games that are sure to make you laugh. 



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