Hip parties in the past were about some music, some food, and some dancing. Now it is a lot more complicated and exciting than that. Today a party needs to be planned well in advances, should have a theme and must be planned in such a way that it is fun for the people who attend the party. There are many popular themes for parties these days and the following are some of the party theme ideas for today’s times:

Types of Party Themes:

Decade Parties

One of the top themes for parties all over the world is decade theme parties. Picking a decade over the last century and then making it a theme of the party is an excellent idea. 20s style flapper dresses and gangster costumes are as popular as the bohemian styles of the 1970s. The roaring 20s, the dirty 30s, the fabulous 40s, and the nifty 50s are great classic styles popular with party themes. The more modern themes include the swinging 60s theme, the 70s bohemian theme or a theme that is based on the last few decades are great theme ideas for a party.

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Place Themed Parties

Another great choice for party themes is to use culture, a city or a country as a theme. People can dress according to the cultural reference and also can eat delicious dishes from the local cuisine. For example, Italian, Mexican, French and Asian themed parties are all very popular party ideas. Union Jack themed British parties, Parisian parties, and New York style parties are all excellent ideas for parties. The food, the décor, the music, and the activities can be all styled according to the place which is the theme for the party. Place themed parties are excellent theme ideas for a party for different celebratory events.

Cooking Parties

Nowadays it is a very hip party idea to have a cooking theme party. This means that a particular cuisine or dish is chosen and then a cooking class is organized which culminates into a party where the cuisine is then served to the guests. Pasta making parties, sushi making parties,  pizza making parties, baking parties for making cookies and cakes are all very popular these days. They give the guests something to do at a party and make it very interesting especially for people who like food and cooking.

Costume Parties

For occasions like Halloween, costume parties are the norm. But there are many occasions today where costume parties are very popular. Film, cartoon, anime, celebrity, cultural, tribal, animal, pirate, and fairy costumes are some of the examples of costumes popular in this style of parties. Costume parties are different from masquerade balls which are also popular as high-end parties thrown by large companies, organizations and even hotels all over the world.

Adventure Parties

Adventure theme parties have become increasingly trendy and popular over the last few years. There are many types of adventure theme parties that cater to a different type of partygoers all over the world. Some of the popular adventure parties include scavenger hunts, laser tag parties, sports-themed parties, hiking or kayaking parties, escape room parties and camping trip parties are all great party ideas for people looking for an adventure along with having fun at a party.

Hollywood Film Parties

Hollywood is a great theme for a fabulous party. Hollywood costume parties, parties based on a Hollywood films or franchise, vintage Hollywood parties, awards night parties, and parties based on any Hollywood decade over the last 100 years is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Casino parties

Casinos are a lot of fun and a great theme idea for parties. Las Vegas parties with various casino games and casino-style décor and lights are very much in fashion with people looking to celebrate an event in their lives by recreating a Vegas-style casino party.

The theme of a party depends on the host that throws the party, the budget of the party and the guests that are invited to the party. Parties are a lot more fun than they were in the past and there is a plan in place many times to make the parties fun for the guests. People spend a lot of time, money and effort in organizing parties and the above- mentioned party ideas are popular all over the world.

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