Video Al Pacino comments for the first time on his girlfriend’s pregnancy

Al Pacino has a child from his Kuwaiti girlfriend

After the international star Al Pacino (83 years) remained silent about the controversy over the pregnancy of his Kuwaiti-American sweetheart, he commented for the first time on the rumors about his doubts about her pregnancy from him and confirmed in a video.

In an exclusive video clip published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, he confirmed that he was shocked to become a father again at this age, and denied knowing the sex of the fetus, only commenting: “It is very special that I receive a new baby at this time.”

This video puts an end to the rumors that started circulating after a representative of Al Pacino commented on Nour Al-Falah’s pregnancy with an international star. Foreign technical publications were quoting sources close to the couple, claiming that Al Pacino was unhappy with the pregnancy and asked for a test to confirm the child’s lineage.

It was also reported that he tried to apologize to her after the results of the examination appeared, but the latter refused. On the other hand, private sources of “Big 6” magazine denied this talk and confirmed that they live with each other at least until now.

According to the magazine, the duo had raised speculation about their romantic relationship for the first time when they were spotted having dinner in April 2022. At the time, multiple sources reported that they had been dating since 2020.

And the sources considered that Nour usually dates very rich old men, overcoming the age gap between them, although she comes from a wealthy family, but she may be looking for fatherhood in her lovers. Before her relationship with the “Scarface” star, Nour was linked to Mick Jagger, whom she dated when he was 74 and she was 22, then billionaire Nicholas Berggruen, 60.

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