A video clip on TikTok sparked a fierce outrage in the United States.

Two parents tying their little ones and laughing

A video clip on TikTok incited a wave of fury across the United States

As social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives, unfortunately some people are taking advantage and using it for nefarious purposes.

A video clip of unfathomable cruelty circulated on social media, prompting a wave of outrage. In it, two parents were seen tightly binding their young child and then shoving him off the bed in an act so vile that it left people speechless. The little one fell to the ground with a loud groan as they watched on emotionlessly.

“Parents are criminals”

Parents are criminals

The two-year old was tightly bound from his neck to the back of his body by what seemed like an unyielding grip of his parents. After the video went viral on TikTok, it sparked a fierce outrage among viewers who deemed this treatment criminal; in fact, the infant was so tightly wrapped that he lost all mobility and dropped down onto both knees with tears streaming down as helplessness crept upon him.

The young boy was so frightened that he plummeted onto his back, emitting a pained moan as he landed.

A cry for help.. pulled him from them!

A cry for help

Through their malicious behavior, the parents prompted a flurry of angry reactions on social media. Most notably was when the mother’s voice could be heard saying: “This is the only way if your child has been acting out all day.” Clearly referencing her abhorrent act which fueled outrage and calls for swift punishment.

Numerous people agreed that the parents’ aim was to captivate a huge group of viewers, stressing that it is “an enjoyable source for everybody”.

In an attempt to defend her actions, the mother released a statement claiming that “I deeply regret posting this video. It should be noted that he was laughing and smiling throughout, and I managed to free him from his plastic prison within five minutes.”

After the outrage continued to grow, Child Protective Services were forced to step in and take custody of the young boy from his family.

Despite their apology, one of them warned the mother that her mistakes would be remembered forever on the Internet.