Watch Biden’s: Pelosi saved the economy “before she was born.”

The US President said that Pelosi helped save the economy during the Great Depression, 100 years ago

US President Joe Biden recently made a misstatement by saying that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi helped save the economy during the Great Depression, which began before she was born in 1929. While the comment provides levity, it is worth remembering that the Great Depression was an incredibly challenging period in US history, and leadership during times of crisis is crucial.

During a ceremony honoring Democratic women, Biden said: “…Pelosi helped save the economy in the Great Depression. Passed the Affordable Care Act. Since taking office, she’s led the fight to help us pass the American Rescue Plan, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, and the Inflation Act.” I defended democracy in the aftermath of January 6th.”

Social media was quick to catch this gag, and tweeters on Twitter mocked the US President’s statement, especially since Pelosi was born in March 1940, and the “Great Depression” ended in 1941, meaning that Pelosi was one year old at the time!

One tweeter wrote: “The US government lies all the time. They have no control over reality”… Another said: “The one who wasn’t even born yet.” A third quipped: “We always suspected she was walking dead, now we know.”


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