Watch Trump mock and imitate Biden: Where am I.. How do I get out?

Former US President Donald Trump renewed his arch-rival, the current President, Joe Biden. After describing him as sleepy, he is now aiming his fire at his “mental abilities”.

During an election rally of his supporters in New Hampshire, New England, in the northeastern United States, he ridiculed the actions of the current president, recalling his loss and confusion on many occasions.

He appealed to his Democratic opponent, saying, “For God’s sake, can’t you stand up and seriously declare that you are a candidate?”

Where do I want to get out?

He also added, imitating Biden’s movements and voice: “Oh, I want to get out of where… Where am I?”

Trump also attacked Biden harshly, via his Social Truth account, yesterday, considering that the video through which Biden announced the candidacy was prepared and produced in advance, and was even re-filmed 7 times to obtain an “acceptable for publication” result.

He also considered that the Democratic president poses a threat to democracy, because he is incompetent and does not know how to run the country, as he put it. “Our state is now in serious decline and has lost its way,” he said.

In addition, he saw that “a useless person is currently leading the Americans,” as he put it.

But he vowed to win the 2024 presidential election and “Make America Great Again,” a campaign slogan he echoes at all of his current and past rallies.

It is noteworthy that Trump and Biden had recently announced their candidacy for the upcoming presidential elections, in a scene that, if realized, will repeat the same scenario that the Americans witnessed in the past 2020 elections, in which Biden won.

Perhaps this is what prompted the Americans to express their lack of enthusiasm for both names. A local opinion poll showed that only 5% of Americans want both men to run, while 38% did not want either of them to run.


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