Vitamin D3 is a popular fat-soluble vitamin supplement that constructs your body helping it to observe Phosphorus and Calcium. As calcium and phosphorus are essential for strong bones similarly Vitamin D3 helps prevent bone disorder such as osteoporosis. Sunlight is a prime provider of Vitamin D3, but sun rays can also be harmful and that is where Vitamin D3 supplements come into action. But there are different types of Vitamin D3 supplements liquid, tablets, capsules, chewable et cetera and a lot of people does not have a proper idea of how to take vitamin d3 tablets

Here are some of the ways you can consume the Vitamin D3 supplement

1. Generally taken with calcium

Generally, Vitamin D3 is prescribed by a medical specialist with calcium supplements which prevents osteoporosis, rickets and also treat weak bone density. There are other calcium medicines with which vitamin D3 is taken which helps treat the low level of phosphate and Calcium, and the disorders they treat are hypoparathyroidism and hypophosphatemia. Sometimes calcium intake may increase which can cause liver disorder and Vitamin D3 keeps it in check if taken in a proper dosage.

2. Consumed orally

This should generally be followed as directed by your specialist but Vitamin D3 is generally taken orally, specifically after a meal but can be consumed with or without food. Consult your pharmacist or the information mentioned in your package and follow the direction if needed.

3. Liquid form

In some cases, your pharmacist or your doctor may prescribe you the liquid form of Vitamin D3 medicine. This is generally provided to either children, older people or patients with other disorders, those who have difficulty in consuming the tablets orally. You need to carefully measure the dosage as the prescribed medicine will certainly have a measuring device or spoon, try not to use any other household material as it may interfere with the correct dosage.

4. Chewable or wafers

In certain conditions, medical specialist pharmacist or doctors prescribe chewable or wafers which generally tastes similar to candies. These are generally prescribed to toddlers as they refuse any other kind of medication. This types of Vitamin D3 supplements should be chewed thoroughly before swallowing and should not be swallowed with the whole wafers as the actual materials are always within the wafers.

5. Rapidly dissolving tablets

Some vitamin D3 tablets are rapidly dissolving tablets which are placed on the tongue and they dissolve almost immediately. These tablets should be handled with a dry hand and you don’t need to consume it with water, saliva will do the job.

Some health benefits of Vitamin D3 supplements are,

1. The most important and popular utilization of Vitamin D3 supplement in the current world is that you can get the benefits of Sunlight without the side effects of sunburn or tanning.

2. Vitamin D3 tablets help you in absorbing your calcium supplement, supports The Nervous System, help strengthen the immune system and regulate cellular growth.

3. It also plays a huge role in improving cardiovascular health, supporting lungs function, increases muscle strength, and also regulate insulin label in the body.

The Indian popular supplement brand Purayati develops natural vegetarian Vitamin D3 2000 IU supplements, and these are harmless tested and tried products. This supplement contains the adequate amount of vitamin D3 essential for the body and it should be consumed according to the prescribed dosage.

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