To help you get to know about the celebrity’s number one skincare secrets, we caught up with celebrity facialists to hear their secrets to delivering a healthy complexion at any age, plus what you can do for better, healthier, and younger-looking skin.

1. Have a regular night and morning routine.

While many people think there is a magic potion or wand that can convert skin in a second, the truth is, it is how you treat your skin every day that matters. It is also what will expose the best outcomes as you age. Daily skincare, morning, and night is necessary. But I am not saying that you cannot skip a day or two without skincare.

We are human, after all. Fundamental steps for optimal skin health from Saorsa: Exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate, moisturize, treat, and finally SPF. That may seem like a lot to remember, but each step helps the next step and preps skin to better sense ingredients and products so that you see beautiful, healthy skin every day.

2.  Pay attention to your skin’s needs.

To be completely honest with you, there are many myths out there, and it is easy to get overwhelmed or misinformed. This is why Saorsa spends every day on social media and in the clinic teaching our followers and customers what is right for their individual skin type and concerns.

The best way to keep skin fresh and love how your skin looks as you age is to use ingredients and products that are expertly formed to deliver visible outcomes without hurting your skin.

If you do not know how to recognize the hype from what is real, ask for help. And it is essential to know that as you age, your skin’s needs also change. Your products need to change, too. What worked in your 25s may not be what is best for skin in your 40s, and the same for when you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s, and above.

3.  Treat the skin that you see in the mirror every day.

Your skin’s needs change every single day. Treat the skin that you regularly see in the mirror. For example, some days, the skin may be drier, more dehydrated, maybe you have been under the sun for too long. Or perhaps you have not been drinking enough water, which is like the number one priority for a healthy-looking face. On the days you want to use a nutritious face wash.

Other days, you may be having skin inflammation from too much time indoors or mask use. Or maybe you have been doing a lot of at-home skincare treatments, and your skin feels disturbed, itchy, or tight.

Again, Saorsa advises you to pay attention to your skin’s needs on any given day and using the right components and goods for optimal skin health.

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4. Do not skimp on sunscreen.

I think people sometimes think skincare founders are perfect for skin care. Not me. Not anyone I know. We are all human! I have put my precious skin through a lot of sun time without enough sun protection. Now that I am older, I know better. And I use daily sunscreen at the end of my morning skincare regimen.

5. When in doubt, see an expert.

Did you ever pay attention to the idea that whenever your skin gets cut, it heals itself? You get bruised, and it recovers fast. And it is not just about going under the knife. From acne and acne scarring to wrinkles, lines, eczema, sun damage to melasma, or other individual skin concerns, your skin can experience remarkable changes when you put yourself in the hands of an expert. This is what keeps Saorsa engaged and passionate in work. The ability to show people what is probable for their skin at every age!

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