It can generally go without saying that many people find importance in keeping their skin fresh and looking good. After all, if your skin is looking good, then you can feel more confident in the way you carry yourself. With that in mind, many people take on a daily skin care routine that has their skin’s best interests in mind.

For some people, this might be more focused on keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised, and for others, it could be a matter of keeping the grease off their face. No matter what skin care routine you choose, there may come a time when you need to change the routine, but you may not know when the best time is. Here are eight signs that it’s just about time to make that change.

1. Your Current Skin Care Routine Isn’t Working

One of the most obvious signs that it is time to change your skin care routine is that your current routine is not working out for you as it used to. It could be that you used to be seeing results from it, but your skin may have adjusted to that routine and it is time to change it up again. It could be that you never really saw any results from the routine in the first place. However, no matter if your skin care routine has worked in the past or is something new, you should be seeing results within the first six to twelve weeks. If this much time passes and there is no change whatsoever, it might be time to change things up a bit and see if something new will work.

2. You’re Breaking Out (Again)

Similarly, if things take a turn for the worse in terms of your skin care, then this is also a sign that things aren’t going right and that you may need to change. Typically, if you are breaking out again, it means that something is blocking your pores or that your skin is reacting negatively to whatever you are using. If this happens, you should switch to other skin care products that have worked in the past. The best organic skin care products can often help with these kinds of issues.

3. Your Skin Is Drying up

The opposite problem can happen if you use the wrong skin care products as well. Rather than your face producing more oil than it typically would, or you are having a reactive breakout from a new skin care product that you found, you can also dry your skin out by using the wrong product. This typically happens if you use the wrong skin care product or you go a little bit too heavily into the products that are designed to work against oily skin. In these cases, you should consider checking the ingredients or lightening up on what you use on your skin.

4. Your Skin Is Getting Oily

You can also find yourself in a situation where your skin is simply more oily than you would expect. Just as dry skin can happen to people who use the wrong skin care products for their specific skin conditions, your skin can begin producing too much oil when you use the wrong skin care products as well. It is important to do your research into the products and what they can do to your skin as well as what products skin care manufacturers recommend for your specific skin types. Items that make your skin overly oily can include over usage of exfoliant and cleaner.

5. Your Skin Is Becoming Discoloured or Red

One of the easiest ways to tell that something isn’t going right in your skin care routine is if your skin begins to change colour. Unless you are using spray tans as a part of your routine, your skin should never change colour, and it should never switch to a reddish colour. This can be an indication that your skin is irritated and that you should try and take the right measures to soothe the skin and discontinue use of the irritating product.

6. Your Skin Is Burning, Stinging, or Irritated

If seeing your skin change colour is not an obvious enough sign for you that there is something going on that you need to stop doing with your skin care routine, then feeling physical discomfort when you apply products to your skin is even more of a sign that you need to stop and see if the skin care products you have been using have any irritants in them that could be affecting your skin. Any mild tingling should last no more than a few seconds in specific situations, such as putting acne cream on an open acne sore.

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7. You’re Seeing Small White Bumps

While you may think that these small white bumps on your skin are acne and need to be popped, you should stay away from popping these even more than you should stay away from popping your standard pimples. These small white bumps are known as milia and they are a sign that you are being too heavy-handed with the moisturiser that you are using. If you see these bumps appearing on your face, you should try and either use a weaker moisturiser or cut down on the amount that you apply when you use it each morning.

8. You’re Ready for a Change

Sometimes, there doesn’t have to be a reason why you want to change your skin care routine. You might just feel as if it is time to change what products you are using, or you want to try something new. These are perfectly valid reasons for changing up the way that you care for your skin, and if you see better results from it, then all the more victory to you. Part of the fun of caring for your skin is making sure that you have fun while doing so. Skin care is something that everyone does at least a little bit of. Keep these tips in mind and feel more comfortable and confident in your skin with the right skin care routine!