If you are planning to set up your digital store or already selling on Shopify, you must have heard about Shopify partners. You probably would think who are Shopify partners and how they are relevant? Are they going to help in scaling your business? What do they do? 

In this article, we will tell you who are Shopify partners and why they are essential?

Who Is A Shopify Partner?

You would probably be knowing about Shopify. It is an eCommerce platform that allows you to set up your digital store to sell/resell your products without actually creating a separate eCommerce website. Shopify charges a nominal fee for providing the shared hosting space to set up your digital store and add your products through a super easy and user-friendly interface. Sellers are benefited mainly from the massive traffic on the Shopify platform, which is generally difficult to derive on any individual, new, small eCommerce site. This makes the platform perfect for beginners to start their eStore.

While setting up an online store, a beginner may face many problems. From arranging things to uploading products online, having an SEO compliant description, planning business strategies, to making the eStore look more professional, importing and exporting data to and from the site, creating a backup, shifting digital store from some other platform to Shopify, resolving customer problems, and to better understand Shopify features designed especially for sellers. These tasks are handled majorly by Shopify partners. They are a bridge between sellers and the Shopify platform, specially hired to solve problems of sellers. If you are a beginner in Shopify, then you must consult a Shopify partner

Why Are They Important?

Every Shopify partner has to prove himself to be a professional employee by satisfying at least five sellers in setting up their digital store according to their customized needs and plan a good marketing strategy that brings real-time results in a definite interval of time. Only after this, they qualify as professional Shopify partner

Hiring/consulting a Shopify partner can be helpful in the following ways:

Merchant Handoff Kit

In case you are a beginner and come from a non-technical background, then getting integrated as sellers to the Shopify platform, doing all necessary documentation, and setting up your store at initial levels, all can be done with the help of Shopify partners. They can guide you step by step on how to use the Shopify platform according to your needs.

Customized Digital Store

Shopify is a super easy and user-friendly interface that strives to provide its sellers with awesome user experience. But it is a more generalized solution. Apart from the availability of a wide range of free and paid themes, you as a seller may feel the need to have a more customized design for your site, custom product filter, drop-down menus, blog pages, help forums according to the lack of your store or type of products you are selling. Shopify partner listens to your custom needs and designs your store accordingly, which is perfectly compatible with mobile as well as tablets and PCs. 

Drafting A Unique And Brand Focused Store

Looks are essential in marketing. The first impression of the site can hook up a customer to your store or make him scroll past. A website with a well-chosen theme according to the product you sell, along with your brand icon and logo, all focused on your company’s brand name can help you create a unique identity and make you stand apart in the crowd. Shopify partner helps you in drafting a unique and brand-focused store, which gets all the attention it needs. 

SEO Friendly Design

Ranking on the search engine is equally important. You might have a unique plan, customized store, and give discount offers, but if your site does not rank on the top pages of the search engine, you won’t get the organic traffic that it should have, sequentially preventing you from earning to your full potential. Shopify partner can help you in creating an SEO compliant title, description, meta description, and tags, after doing competitor keyword analysis, making your site to rank among the top pages of a search engine.

Drafting Marketing Strategies

Shopify partner can draft well planned digital marketing strategies to grow your business to the next level. It includes marketing through Google AdWords, social media presence and regular posting, video and banner advertisements on youtube, periodically informing customers through emails about offers and sales, email marketing, advertising on various platform to create brand awareness, within a  budget so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket.


Shopify is an excellent platform, with over 1 million merchants already selling products using Shopify. Shopify partner can be your best companion, from setting up your online store, to customize it, market it, and to solve problems you face while running your business. Considering a Shopify partner for your business will be a smart decision.