Let’s face it; there are a large number of machines available to move loads around your job site. Sometimes it can be confusing to choose the correct machine for the job, and many machines seem to be highly specific to a certain type of task. However, this isn’t the case with telehandlers, and they may even be the most versatile moving machines available today. This is why many project managers now look at telehandlers for hire before they consider any other type of machine. In this article, we will look at what a telehandler is and what you can use if for in your business. Our new dumper, crane, and telehandler tyres in Newcastle are available in a wide range of sizes and tread depths. If you want dogging ticket or a crane license, to use these machines, you can find a range of training courses to meet your needs.

Telehandler Hire and Sales are a specialty of the Zone Group and that are long-lasting, adaptable, and dependable.

What are Telehandlers?

If you’re not familiar with a telehandler, it can be a little difficult to explain exactly what this machine is and how it works. Essentially, this is a four wheel drive vehicle with a telescopic boom attached to reach different cargo. A modern telehandler fills many roles; it can be a forklift, a light crane, or an elevated work platform for workers. Although a telehandler isn’t necessarily better than any of those specialised machines, its flexibility is its real strength.

This flexibility in day to day operations can be achieved with a quick hitch attachment system. This allows the operator to quickly switch attachments for different tasks that need them. So, the operator could be using the telehandler in a forklift role, and a few minutes later, he could be lifting workers to a safe working height.

This flexibility is extremely attractive to smaller businesses that need to be agile and keep their costs under control. As you might imagine, being able to hire or purchase a single machine to fulfil multiple roles is a very attractive proposition. This is why you can now see telehandlers being used in a wide variety of roles in the construction industry and other fields.

What Types of Telehandlers are Available?

There are many types of telehandlers available to hire or purchase, and each one needs a skilled operator with a valid license to operate safely. A lighter telehandler could lift up to 2.5 tonnes and have a maximum telescopic boom length 6 metres. The largest telehandlers are formidable machines, they can lift as much as 45 tons, and they could have a boom length of 46 metres. A telehandler could have one of three different steering modes; they are front wheel (for road use), crab steering (for moving sideways) and four wheel steering (for extra grip and maneuverability). The steering mode should be selected carefully to ensure that it meets the needs of the situation. A telehandler is a tricky machine to operate safely, if you don’t have formal training in how to use one.

How Can You Find the Right Telehandlers for Hire?

Here at Access Hire, we have a wide selection of telehandlers for hire and choosing the right one to suit your needs should be a relatively easy process. One of our advisors will work with you to ensure that you get the best machine to suit all of your needs. In order to help us in this process, we only ask that you make a thorough evaluation of what you need before you visit us for further advice. Pay particular notice to the loads that you want to lift and the types of roles that you need the telehandler for at your job site. This will help us to recommend a machine that’s capable of lifting your loads and the kinds of attachments that you will need to get the job done efficiently.

How Can You Select the Correct Attachments?

As we mentioned above, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing an attachment for your telehandler. Some businesses may need a flexible forklift, and this is where the fork attachments are useful. However, there are different fork attachments for certain types of loads, so make sure to get some expert advice before making a final choice.

The elevated work platform will be useful if you need to get your workers up to a safe working height at your job site. The bucket attachment will feature all the safety features that you would expect on another machine, such as tethers for safety harnesses. If you need your telehandler in this role, it’s a good idea to double check the required height to ensure that the telescopic boom is long enough.

There are many other types of attachments, such as light crane jibs, buckets for loose materials, man sized baskets, and even winches. The list of possible attachments is extensive and listing everyone here is beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say, if you have a specific need mention it when hiring the telehandler and you may be surprised to learn that there is an attachment to suit your needs. If an attachment isn’t available, it’s even possible to design and build a custom attachment to meet that very specific need.

What is the Standard Telehandler Configuration

Most clients want a machine that is primarily a maneuverable forklift that can also be used in one or two other roles. For this reason, it’s fairly typical for a client to hire a telehandler with a fork carriage attachment to lift a wide variety of pallets, steel pipes, lengths of timber and concrete blocks. These forks are available with a hydraulic positioning system to improve safety and efficiency when lifting heavier loads.

On a construction site, the client will often add a bucket or crane jib attachment to make their telehandler more versatile for their job site. As one would expect, the crane jib turns the telehandler into a light crane which is useful for areas with tight or restricted access. If you need to lift loose materials, there are a number of bucket styles to choose from. A simple multi-purpose bucket is ideal for tasks, such as: back blading, leveling, dozing, and grabbing from a pile of loose materials.

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