What Is Reseller Hosting?

When a company or a franchise uses its parent organization’s resources as its own for sales or utility, it’s known as reseller hosting. It is renting out a portion of the disk space or bandwidth to various customers by the host owner for a small fee.

There are millions of web hosting platforms and services that provide reseller hosting applications for various businesses and industries. Every company should utilize the best reseller hosting services to get all the internet needs in one place. Hosts or interested customers can contact many reseller sites on a pay-for-client basis depending upon the services available and the company.

Reseller hosting services have seen a rise in applications in many companies and businesses that use their service. They contribute significantly to the global web hosting services with an estimated market value of about 75 billion dollars by 2020.

Reseller hosting comes with many rich features that can benefit the company as a whole. Some of the best ones are listed below:

  • The client or host franchise or company can brand their web hosting services with that of the parent organization or company and be invisible to the customers and clients. In this way, they can utilize cheap reseller hosting without paying for a new hosting site.
  • The company manages its plans and services and manages any number of accounts as they see fit. This allows flexibility for the host company to be reliable and efficient in their applications and software usage.
  • Separate disc space and infrastructure to store more data and information regarding various transactions, financial and business information
  • Efficient bandwidth to create faster network connections to make quicker data transactions with internet facilities available easily to the company.
  • Allows the company to host their domain and not depend on any separate web hosting service for these applications.
  • It also allows the host company to provide those features for their clients that are only available through the parent company. These can include access to emails, various controlling panels and development tools, additional codes and network-scripts, and tools for debugging or monitoring.

Some Things To Consider Before Using A Reseller Service:

Some of the best unlimited reseller hosting services usually provide excellent service well worth the price. But there are certain considerations to be taken before hiring a reseller service:

  • Always have an additional infrastructure for customer service as the reseller services cannot include customer service tools from the parent company. The host company should be ready to deal with any shortcomings or outages regarding customer help and troubleshooting.
  • The company should be aware of the services and costs of those services that the reseller provides. They should also check whether these services are on par with what is offered by the parent companies.
  • Not all web hosting companies offer reseller hosting, so do the proper research and understand which companies provide these hosting services.
  • Always have a proper estimate of how many customers can be added as this can help the company find the right package for the reseller hosting services. It can also help the company fixate on the size or the type of web hosting services that each customer can use.
  • Always compare various hosting plans to different reseller services to determine whether a specific plan is suited for the company’s needs. Once the company is fixed on a reseller hosting plan, they should follow all the parent hosting service instructions to set up the marketing of various packages to the customers.

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Services:

Companies can always benefit from the services of some of the best reseller hosting with WHMCS (Web Hosting Manager Complete Solution, a company that offers web hosting services with added features and tools). The most important benefits are listed below:

  • Get More Features and Tools That Are Not Available In Basic Plans: Extra tools through reseller hosting services can allow the host to tap into various services beneficial for the business. Resellers can use these services to create independent categories of their web hosting services and functions. It also gives the host access to critical business information like billing details, product tracking, and customer feedback.
  • Lower The Costs of Upkeep: Best reseller hosting services are available at an affordable cost that is easily manageable for companies or clients. It acts as an incentive for individuals to buy these plans to increase the number of customers they can attract indirectly through web hosting services.
  • Helps Generate Revenue: Reseller hosting is always beneficial to many businesses as it allows income generation, unlike the other web hosting services. Resellers can generate income by managing business servers and data that the company themselves may not have the time or tools to manage.
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