Tweet “for adults only” .. What does Musk want from Trump after the “naked woman” photo

What does Musk want from Trump
Elon Musk sent a massage for Trump

A recent tweet by new Twitter President, Elon Musk-which displayed an image of a semi-nude woman and a priest representing former US President Donald Trump-garnered significant engagement.

The tweet features a man, presumably a praying priest, with the caption “Donald Trump.” The Twitter logo is visible on the bare buttocks of a young woman who is bent over in front of him.

Musk’s comment on the photo was “Do not lead us into temptation.” This phrase appeared in some of the Gospels and meant asking God for deliverance from sin.

Musk announced on Saturday night that Trump’s Twitter account would soon be up and running again. And, sure enough, only minutes later the former president’s profile was unblocked.

Trump, in a videotape played during the meeting, said he “sees no reason” to return to the podium.

Trump’s recent announcement of his 2024 presidential bid comes after he was banned from Twitter for allegedly inciting violence during the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

With this tweet, some commentators believe that Musk is trying to goad Trump into returning to Twitter. He does this by using the image of a priest who prays for strength against temptation, which in this case is represented by the naked woman – or rather, Twitter itself.