Online dating has become a solid reality in a way people meet nowadays. Thousands of men and women download dating apps and search for websites to find a partner for secret dating, long-term relationships, and even marriage. The majority of these platforms are pretty easy to use: all you have to do is swipe the profiles of other people depending on their attractiveness to you. Once you like the profile of an individual who likes you too, there is a match and you can start chatting or go on a date right away. It seems to be very simple and not time-consuming, but here are the factors that you should consider before you make the next move.

Their style of communication with service industry people

At first sight, it may look like a weird thing to explore and a tough task to do if you are buying a wife online, but it’s worth it. The way people treat waiters, sellers, and maitre d’s can tell a lot about them. If a person talks to them in a mean way, you can see that they are unintelligent, arrogant, and disrespectful towards others. If you want your partner to communicate with you in a similar way in the future, go on to date such a person.

Their schedule

Understanding the daily schedule of the person you are going to date is needed to evaluate how much time they are ready to dedicate to you. If you are meeting a mail order bride, they are likely to stay on a date as much as you want since they came from another country for you. If it’s just a person from Tinder, do not be surprised if they leave immediately once they feel they do not like you.

Also, being aware of the schedule and a life rhythm of your date will decrease misunderstandings in the future: when you know that your woman is a businesswoman running a few projects simultaneously, you will not have to worry about her slow answers to your texts and rare meetings.

Their relationships with close people

It is not polite to ask a girl you barely know about family and friends, but if you are dating mail order brides, it’s okay to ask these things after a few weeks of chatting. The relationships with parents and friends can say a lot about personality. Also, if your lady has any troubles with her mother and father or child traumas caused by them, she is likely to bring these unhealthy patterns into your prospective relationships. Therefore, to avoid such issues, we recommend you to help your date  overcome their inner conflicts or choose girls without these problems.

Their short-term plans and goals for life

Talking about plans and life goals is one of the first things that you should do when starting to date someone new. Don’t get us wrong, interviewing your mail order bride can be perceived as rude conduct and scare off your dates as a result. But genuine interest in the life plans of the person you like is okay. By asking such questions, you will be able to identify whether you have anything in common in the following months and years. Letting the other person know your plans and purposes is also a great step towards mutual understanding and possible dating in the future.

plans and goals for life

Their attitude towards their exes

Unfortunately, a lot of people today still think that they can get over someone by starting a relationship with another person. Such an approach is wrong and selfish. By trying to find a new partner right after a breakup, people look for a way to increase their self-esteem and prove they still can be loved. However, in the long run, they will end up being even more empty and frustrated, since comparing the new partner and the ex is inevitable.

To make sure you are not a shoulder to cry on, do not date a girl who says she has just broken up with her lover. Better find a person who is open to new relationships and is willing to give all their attention to you.

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Their workplace

If you know where your potential girlfriend works, it will give you a general understanding of her personality, habits, and personal traits. Also, you will not wonder why she goes on business trips often or never does it, and so on. Your safety matters too, and having as much information about the person you have never seen offline as possible would be useful for you. Consequently, do your best to find out what their job is before you come on a date.

Their physical activities and hobbies

Do not overlook this section in the dating app when looking through the users’ profiles. Reading it carefully will allow you to know whether you have anything in common, get some ideas of dates, etc. Also, you may want to try out new things with your partner that they have already mastered. You may want to teach them some activities you are good at. All in all, hobbies are things that unite people easily.

What they want from the relationship at the moment

The last but not the least thing you should be aware of before starting a new relationship is what your date is looking for at the moment. If you have different goals, e.g. you want to hook up and they want a family, it will not work out. On the contrary, understanding that you have common values and attitudes towards relationships will help you to become closer faster.

Jamie Polsters is a dating expert who currently works at YourMailOrderBride and holds numerous training sessions all over the world to help couples unite. He is a relationship coach with over 15 years of experience and dozens of satisfied customers.