First I want to talk about MK 677 which also goes by the name of Nutrobal.

MK 677 is the only legit HGH alternative that actually works. What’s great about Nutrobal is that it’s so much cheaper than straight HGH, thousands of dollars cheaper.

I have tried MK 677 and can vouch for it 100 percent.

Listen I wouldn’t lie and risk my impeccable reputation, and lie to you or my 100,000 monthly blog readers.

I tried it for 12 weeks and the results were pretty impressive, especially when stacked with other SARMs.

This HGH alternative increased my metabolism and helped me retain muscle during a caloric deficit.

The above are not the only benefits that I have experienced.

MK 677 also strengthen my soft tissue such as my joints and tendons.

I’m not kidding you, I have chronic soreness in my elbow joints (thanks to skull crushers) and in my pectoral tendons, which hurt during my chest workouts

Guess what? After being on MK 677 for a couple weeks the soreness completely vanished, I felt like a new man.

However, even though I felt 100 percent I still made sure to warm up excessively as a precaution, I didn’t want to seriously injure myself.

Another great thing about this HGH alternative is that it enhanced my sleep and overall mood dramatically.

It might be that the 2 are connected and work off each other, I don’t know, but I do know I felt amazing and was always in a great mood.

I highly recommend you guys try this drug out, it’s incredible.

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