Modern dentistry gives you access to a whole range of procedures aimed at dental restoration, replacement, and treatment. Technical capabilities and the use of advanced materials provide everyone with a high level of quality, reliability, and durability.

Literally, in every state and even in a separate city, you can find a lot of dental centers. However, the quality of services may vary significantly. Moreover, differences are also in the range of services provided and in pricing policy. At the moment, several countries are recognized leaders in this segment.


The Kingdom of Thailand is one of the leading dental countries worldwide due to cost-effective services compared to the USA or Canada. How much is dental implant in Thailand? The answer will impress you — in Thailand, dental implants cost is 75% lower than in American or Canadian clinics.


America is another place with a high level of medical services in all sectors. Specialists of dental clinics carry out all manipulations efficiently and quickly. However, the United States is located on a territory far from European countries, and the cost of dental services; there is one of the highest in the world.


Hungary is the European leader in dental tourism. Compared to the rest of Western Europe, the price of services here is low, but the quality of the procedures remains one of the best in the world. Patients come to this state from Russia, England, Germany, Ukraine, France.


German quality is known throughout the world, and this is true not only in situations where dental treatment or prosthetics are required but also in almost all other areas. Germany offers patients a balanced tandem of quality and price for dental services.


Recently, the market for medical services has been steadily conquering China. As in many others, this country is notable for its affordable prices, speed, and technology abundance. To increase consumer interest in dental treatment, many clinics in China conduct unprecedented campaigns when the cost of surgery and prosthetics costs 50-70 percent cheaper than in European states.

So what country is the best for teeth treatment?

Best for Dental Tourism

There is no definite answer to this question. To identify the best place for dental tourism in your case, you should decide on priorities.

Expensive and reliable services

If the price does not play a key role, you want to get a guaranteed high-quality result and at the same time, get acquainted with a different culture, then welcome to the USA.

Reasonable price and high-quality treatments

Dental services are a priority in the Hungarian economy. The state has developed a system of hospitals and specialized clinics that serve patients, both residents, and non-residents of the country.

 Cheap and good care

A trip to Thailand will allow you to do all the manipulations with your teeth — prosthetics, treatment, counseling, is less expensive than in the USA or Western Europe.

If your teeth need treatment, then the choice of city, country, and, primarily, the clinic depends on your financial capabilities and preferences. It should also be remembered that despite the high level of medicine in countries like Germany, Israel, the USA, Hungary, it is still necessary to further resolve the issue of living and applying for a visa, which may cause unexpected expenses. The most affordable options with a high level of quality are still China and Thailand.

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