There are many types of fence in the market. Now mainly is with material aluminium, steel and vinyl(plastic PVC). There are some significant differences among them. So, which is suitable for enclosing your home property? Below article from FONNOV ALUMINIUM can be very helpful for your on a research for a correct decision.


Aluminium fence is the best choice that offer you a wider range of styles and colors than steel and vinyl fence. There are also many different and updated accessories option. The extruded aluminum material is powder coated to increase its lifespan, which can assure you a 10years or 15years warranty. Its surface finish can be powder coated with RAL colors (black, bronze, beige, white, brown, silver, etc. And colors can come in speckled, glossy, or textured finish.) that suitable for your garden decoration, in addition, fake wood grain colors is also becoming more and more popular these years, which can provide you a timber look fence. It also can be powder coated to a color that similar to steel fence appearance. So, aluminum fence is ideal for providing attractive appearance to homes yards, gardens, or businesses area. Aluminium privacy screen is also can be used for privacy, it makes your property borders, swimming pool enclosure, and keeping small pets inside. Wood look colors is becoming more and more popular for privacy for home use. you can check Zion Fence Company for more info.

Aluminum fence is great choice for coastal areas with a high exposure to sunset, salt-spray and extreme humidity. The powder coated aluminium surface can withstand these harsh environments without rusting. So It’s corrosion-resistance make it an excellent choice for seaside homes. 

Aluminum will never rust, crack or peel. Aluminium fence is a low maintenance fencing solution. So you don’t need to spend your weekends staining, repainting, and treating,

Aluminium is lightweight, which making this material easy to ship, to transport to your site, and to install, But still because of its lightweight, it has low impact resistance, so the main drawback to aluminum fencing is that it is relatively easy to bend than steel. Therefore, It is not ideal for regions that experience heavy storms, meanwhile, it is not the best choice for industrial or commercial applications that need tough barriers.


Steel is a powerful, strong and heavy fence. No other fencing material is stronger than steel fence. It can effective against harsh wind and damage. So it is perfect for creating secure barriers, and primarily used in commercial and industrial properties who need to protect their equipment and inventory. If you are caring and looking for a sturdy fence that protect your property, it is also a good choice. But due to its heavy weight and high cost, steel fencing is generally better suited to commercial and industrial applications than home use.

Steel is vulnerable to corrosion, especially from salt water, but if galvanization(application of a thin layer of zinc) or powder coating on steel surface, then this problem can be solved. The galvanized and powder coated steel is nearly impervious to rust. But even if has a protective coating, steel fencing still require regular maintenance in the form of sanding and painting.

They’re also many styles and accessories option. But steel fence offers limited color option, generally black and bronze.

Steel is heavyweight, making it more expensive to ship and more difficult to work with, and harder to repair.

Make your fence installation process more efficient with best gas-powered post drivers.


Vinyl (plastic PVC) is with moderate weight and resilience, and not strong like aluminium and steel. So it is only suitable for your home yard, garden, pools. It is not strong enough, maybe it can stand up to an occasional wind or snow storm, but it is still not suitable for using in a harsh weather environment.

Vinyl fencing is often used for privacy. If you want to block out your neighbors or strangers, keep small pet inside, you can choose vinyl fencing.

Vinyl fence is with less style and colors. Vinyl can’t stand up to heat, so most color options are offered in white, tan or other light colors.

Like aluminium fence, vinyl fence is also a low maintenance fencing solution.

Hope this article can make you more clear on your decision on fence material. So,

If you want a durable and beautiful fence, consider aluminium.

If you are only looking for strong fence against harsh wind and damage, choose steel.

If you are looking for privacy, both vinyl and aluminium can meet your demand. Vinyl can offer you a lower cost, aluminium can offer you more choices on colors and surface finish.

Generally, steel fence is with most expensive price, then aluminium fence, and vinyl fence is with lower cost. But pricing depends on many factors, including its manufacturer, the size of the fence (like height, length, the number of fence posts, additional accessory components), and the style of the fence. A little more research, you can find a fence that suits your home and budget.

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