In this age, where web hosting is so costly, many people are content by just buying a hosting plan, completely ignoring the other part of the puzzle. However, when your site grows and commences getting more and more traffic, you should begin thinking about opting for a content delivery network service.

Here are some benefits of using a CDN for your site:

1. Quicker website

 The first and foremost benefit of a CDN is that it makes your site load really, really fast. It is done because CDN companies have huge network of servers, but that’s not just the reason. It also assists that they have servers all across the world.

It permits the users to access your site from the nearest server to where they are. So, if you’re getting Australian traffic to your US based website, then there are chances that your CDN provider has an Australian server too, which they can use to serve your site.

2. Resource caching

Caching is the major ingredient of server resource conversation and bandwidth, but several site owners have no knowledge about how to execute it in the right way. And surely no one can blame them! Caching has a lot of aspects that you really require to be a professional at it.

What’s amazing is that your CDN providers know caching too as it is a part of their service. Caching is yet another reason why you should go for CDN.

3. Security from traffic spikes

Your business or site can get famous within days and you may get great number of traffic to your site or you’re just lucky, no matter what the case is CDN services help your site if you witness influx of traffic.

Because of the fact that they have large server networks, their sources are scalable and always available. So, it means, even if you do not use it, it accessible whenever you need it. The worst case situation for a business site would be getting a big number of traffic and not being able to manage it efficiently.

4. DDoS security

If you own a famous site which has been attacked by DDoS method, you can acknowledge the pain. There are not much options available and it will make your site unusable for some time. Think about your transactions, sales and leads.

This is when CDN security layer come in. Because the traffic is fully sieved via the CDN routing servers, hence DDoS will the network of other companies. There are CDNs which have top notch technology to manage DDoS attack and often users need to put a CAPTCHA verification before entering your site. So, if you are planning to go for CDN, better check out content delivery network pricing online, compare well and then so for the one that suits you best.

5. Access the site even if the server is down

Before, if the web host experienced issues, options for users were limited. You couldn’t change hosts fast. But with the help of CDN even when your web host doesn’t responds, you can check out the cached pages.


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