There are so many factors that affect web design trends, first of all, it’s user experience and the way a visitor interacts with the site. The main desire of creators and website owners is the simplicity in the use. It means that in our age something that distracts or mishmashes a visitor not going to be popular. But, of course, sometimes there are compromises regarding look and feel. But at least a design detail has to somehow touch a user and make him stay for longer.

Striving to provide the best user experience and more sales for brands, web designers from all over the world compete with each other for the right to be called a trendsetter. The one who goes hand in hand with latest trends and provides the freshest creations for the clients. Because no one wants to see Parallax and tacky animations anymore, right?

Nowadays everyone is striving for a minimalist look and airy navigation with no excessive details. The main WordPress trend in 2020 is the design that can play a role of background. Don’t get it wrong, stylish designs are still in the demand, but the accent has to be put on the content, the modern website is centered around a copy.

But is that all that you have to know?

Today we are going to get acquainted with the coolest techniques that you can use in the building of your website.

You will be able to learn which animations, styles, colors are still in fashion and which are outdated. In case you are looking for a ready-made design for your website, we are going to introduce them through TemplateMonster templates. So that you can see the real examples and know the implementation of them.

This is a quick guide for both web designers and business owners.

How can it be useful for you?

Honestly saying, a WordPress website that looks fashionable or, for example, was built with the help of modern techniques will provide for an excellent UI and UX. They will ensure a high level of user satisfaction, which means your website will have a higher conversion level and more sales.

No matter if you want to perfect your works as a designer or to pick a  best WordPress theme, this trend selection will help you to understand what’s hot and what’s not in 2020.

In order to give you a sneak peek of what we are going to talk about, let us state one important fact. First of all, year by year minimalism is becoming stricter. Today we can see the demand for landing pages and websites with the simplest navigation of all existing.

But how they can attract visitor’s attention, you may ask. The thing is, being clean and airy that designs are mesmerizing and eye-catching. When a designer eliminates unnecessary pages, banners and navigation elements, he creates an opportunity to emphasize the user attention on what really matters. In 2020 web professionals use cool animations, video backgrounds and video integration in general in order to deliver the core message in the easiest to perceive way. In other words to complete the main purpose of the website.

So, let’s dive deeper into top 10 WordPress trends of 2020!

Minimalism rules it all

Neonix - Digital Agency WordPress Theme

The web world is striving for minimalism in every site’s detail. It’s exactly the case when less means more. When you open a website and can understand what it is about from the get-go, it means that a designer did a good job. The age of overloaded designs has definitely gone. Today stylish and black-and-white looks rock. Not mentioning that the website navigation is going to be cleaner and smoother. If you want to get visitor involved in your story, use the power of clean layouts and calm tones.

Landing page style

Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Why are one-page websites still in fashion? You’ve guessed it right because they are minimalist. In 2020 the best way to sell a product or service is to create a website dedicated only to it. A coherent presentation and a call-to-action button are all you need for a perfect landing page. The fewer pages your website will have the more focused visitors will be. In case you want to promote your business efficiently opt for the design with a minimal amount of pages and buttons.

By the way, here is one more way to get more profit from WordPress.

Simplified navigation

Handmade Artist Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Forget complex MegaMenus with a load of standard and additional pages. The simpler the navigation will be the fewer distractions there will be for a visitor. In fact, everything that an all-winning website needs can be put in two-three pages. Nobody wants to know a grandfather of a company’s founder, the only thing they need is a clear understanding of the benefits that you provide. Simplicity in navigation is a perfection!

Give space

Eagle - Responsive Minimal WordPress Theme
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Cluttered and messy designs are for losers. Let’s take minimalism seriously and make designs airy. Visitors prefer a smart use of white space, the one where elements have their place and a room in between each of them. Actually, a coherent presentation is a mix of skillfully used space and enough portion of content.


EightyDays - Travel Blog WordPress Theme

Words “brightness” and “boldness” are going to be out of the web design vocabulary for a while. Acid colors are considered tacky, as you have noticed there are fewer sites on the Internet that can surprise someone with an eye-catching color scheme. It doesn’t mean that you need to stick to only white and black, but monochrome looks rule the web these days. Choose simple color skins which consist of two colors and you will be in trend.

Dynamic look

Construction WordPress ThemeConstruction WordPress ThemeTry it now

The video integration makes your site more interactive and catchy. Video homepage is the fave of ours. If you display your product or service by means of a video you can get more visitors involved. In fact, an image is not enough anymore, people are demanding an informative presentation. Video content has replaced photos and even written content, just because it can provide a visitor with all the details about your works. Using video backgrounds not only for homepage has become more popular. Just replace your static images and watch your conversion grow!

Animated elements

Alternative Energy Company WordPress ThemeTry it now

The animation in 2020 is different from the one that was popular in 2016. Nowadays designers implement more complex techniques in order to grab the attention of visitors. We can see the trend for animated elements and more. Parallax is becoming more modern and innovative. Multilayered and video animation create a dynamic look, which is a way to get higher user engagement.

Typography is the king

Spotlight - App Landing WordPress Theme

Typography can play a role of a major website accent. Everyone is tired of unreadable and thin headings. A few eye-catching statements can do more good for your business than large text presented with microscopic letters. Websites are fighting for visitors with the help of bold fonts. We can surely say that in 2020 the demand for massive typography will grow day by day.

The evolving of Parallax

Cocktail Bar WordPress ThemeTry it now

While most web professionals think that Parallax is tacky and old-fashioned, this scrolling effect is growing its popularity. Well, it’s partially true. We will no longer see usual layering and standard examples of this trend. However, it’s becoming more complex and gaining depth.

Final thoughts

Those were 10 hottest WordPress trends of 2020 from our point of view. We have included the most interesting techniques that can help your website stand out. For sure the web has born other impeccable ways to attract visitor attention.

For example, there is one unmentioned trend. It is about using non-standard grids. It has become popular because no one will be surprised to see a standard, absolute grid. They no longer can intrigue and catch the user. This technique was replaced by the polygonal grid. It is a method that is great even for professional-looking corporate websites. Also, polygonal grid perfectly mixes with a classic site structure.

Various elements, shapes and different ways of displaying the content are the factors that influence a visitor perception of a website. We can notice that something that was trendy yesterday is no longer popular tomorrow. Design techniques change, grow and evolve, they transform into something slightly different day by day. Web design is perfecting and becoming more user-friendly. Changes and shaping of a top-notch style regard not only to WordPress websites, this tendency is multipurpose and it affects all existing CMSs.

Of course, trends which were mentioned above haven’t appeared this year. Marketing professionals tend to follow novice techniques so that the websites of their company didn’t look old-fashioned. But they not always are the ones that satisfy users’ needs completely.

The thing which is great about web design world is that it requires experiments. You can play around with details and choose the most suitable look and feel for you.

When tuning a site pay attention to the demands of your target audience, testimonials and also web analytics reports. Don’t dive into the trend completely, better implement it gradually and observe the reaction of users. Choose the design that matches the aims of your project. Moreover you could read more about Web design essentials for non-designers in Free eBook. This is the only way to reach success!