A number of websites and online businesses depend on organic search engine traffic to generate sales. Contrary to pay-per-click (PPC) traffic, there’s no other way to purchase organic traffic. Instead, you will have to demonstrate your website’s authority and relevance for a given keyword to the search engines. When performing search engine optimization (SEO), however, Digitrio’s SEO services expert believe that you can improve your website’s conversion by avoiding the following eight mistakes that even the experts make.

1.  Duplicate Content

If you think that you can publish the same content on multiple pages and it won’t harm your website, then let me tell you that in this scenario Google won’t penalize or block your site, rather search engines like Google and Bing will only index the original page on which you posted the content initially all other pages will be ignored by the search engines, and this will directly affect your website’s search engine ranking.

2. Ignoring Site Speed

Some SEO experts ignore the fact that site speed can be a crucial ranking signal, they believe that it doesn’t affect their site’s search engine rankings. But the truth is, all the leading search engines currently use site speed as a ranking signal, and failure to provide visitors with fast loading website could hurt your site’s rankings. The website’s which load quickly and have good loading speed gain higher rankings.

3.  Publishing Low-Quality Content

This is one of the single worst mistakes that SEO experts make when optimizing their site, that is publishing low-quality content. They think that more content is better, so they mix out dozens or hundreds of pages filled with subpar, low-quality content. Rather they should focus on publishing engaging content that’s relevant to their audience. To further improve the quality of your site’s content you can use eye-catching headlines.Also, avoid the common mistakes of using irrelevant keywords or keyword stuffing as these only make your content look meaningless.

4. Building Link Farms

Backlinks can either help or hurt your site’s visibility in the search engine results. Since 2012, Google has started to target websites that engage in link farms by lowering their search engine rankings. Known as the Penguin update, it forces the webmasters to take a more natural approach to build back-links. But if you want to achieve a top search ranking, you should avoid link farms or other unnatural link schemes.

5. Not Using a Mobile-Friendly Design

Finally, you should make sure that your website can be easily accessed on mobile devices. According to Statista, 52.64 percent of all internet users go online using a mobile device. In such a scenario, if your site uses an outdated design, your users may struggle to access or use your website from their mobile device and you might lose your potential buyer. A simple solution would be to adopt a responsive design, which changes automatically to create a universal layout.

Don’t let your website’s search engine rankings suffer because of these mistakes. Create a proper SEO strategy that focuses on high-quality content, a positive user experience and natural backlinks.