The Grand Theft Auto series is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. It’s inspired millions of Grand Theft Fans and a whole generation of game developers. Now, in GTA V, you can tour the beautiful sights of Los Santos and its surroundings! 

Developers didn’t make it huge for nothing

If you’ve played the older installments or anything similar to Grand Theft Auto, you know that almost every nook and corner of the world offers something interesting or useful. If you’re a natural completionist on games, it almost hurts to not explore the map and just follow your instincts. In most recent versions of the game and if you’re lucky enough, you’d stumble into random objects throughout the game.

At first glance, you’d think that it’s just a random clutter in your inventory. In reality, it’s actually meant to be collected up to a certain number to unlock secret perks or objects you can use in game. Knowing the numbers might overwhelm you but if you have the time and mind space, why not?

People and Places

If you’re playing the game for more than just random violence and living the life you want, the writers didn’t slack off in creating depth in characters and story.

It’s not just about the money and fame. Underneath that cheap facade, there’s loyalty, synergy, high-level of planning and more. Of course, you can skip all of that and go straight to your desired style of play but you’re missing out. The people in this game are almost half of the product. You’ve paid a good amount of money on this, why not slow down and take in the narrative?

  • Get to know some new friends: GTA IV featured Niko Belic, a war veteran from an unnamed Eastern European country who came to America to make his fortune but found himself instead getting involved with criminal gangs. Now, in GTA V, you can play as any one of three characters: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips! Each has their own backstory and motivations for committing crimes, so don’t be afraid to get close with them before deciding which one you’d like as your protagonist for this new adventure.
  • Go on heists with your crew: If you’re looking for something more active than just riding around town or driving up into the hills, then go on some
  • Go on random missions: You want to know how random side missions are? Try GTA’s missions. If you’re one of the veteran Grand Theft Fans, you might remember controlling a toy plane to demolish a building. Good times.

Live the Story

By progressing the story, you’ll feel that you’re living the life of the character you’re playing. It’s pretty given considering the game’s design. But like any other things in life, you need to experience it to understand. Imagine building your reputation from a low-life to a rich gentleman through (mostly)criminal means.

Pretty tiring to play as a hero all the time, right? Why not play as a villain for once? Might be fun. 

Places You Should Visit

Either it’s a retelling or a new experience, these places are the stage where your game happens.

●   Liberty City

Liberty City enjoys the environment of New York City. You can experience what it feels like to drive through the streets and see some of the most iconic buildings in New York. Liberty City is known for its nightlife, so you will have plenty to do when you visit this city!

●   Los Santos

Los Santos is located in Los Angeles. This city is known for its beautiful beaches and luxury lifestyle. You will be able to visit places like Vinewood Hills and Del Perro Pier while exploring this city’s famous landmarks such as Rodeo Drive and Sunset Boulevard.

●   San Fierro

San Fierro is also in San Francisco, California. San Fierro has a rich history with many cultural influences from Native Americans who once inhabited it.

…and more!


We know that this is not much of an itinerary, but this is a game for the free spirit. Can a simple guide hold your curiosity and interest? We think not. Enjoy!

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