Now you can shop online via YouTube.. New updates in 2023

Now you can shop online via YouTube
New technologies and additions to the YouTube platform during the year 2023

Google has recently announced that they are trialing new tools on YouTube to make it easier for users to find what they’re looking for. By simply typing in a keyword, visitors will be presented with the most relevant content related to their search query. This groundbreaking technology aims at simplifying access and improving overall user experience while browsing the site.

Among the updates expected to be added to the YouTube platform, we find the following: 

Search within the video using keywords 

Among the new features that will be available on the YouTube platform during the coming year is the ability to search for any topic or phrase contained within a video, as it is possible to press the “Search within the video” button, this feature facilitates the presence of the word to be accessed.

In the event that the word is present in the text of the video, the user will go directly to the minute in which the phrase is located, or the existing parts if it is used more than once.

This feature facilitates the subject of research within the platform, facilitates access to information and reduces effort.

Add PDF technology inside the video

Google indicated that it is also working on a new feature within the platform called “Coursys”. This technology will allow educational content makers within the YouTube platform to produce educational series attached to PDF files, which will facilitate the delivery of information to viewers.

This service will be a good trick that facilitates informational communication on the platform, in addition to that it will help increase educational productivity on the platform and facilitate access to information to the user.

Instant dubbing and arranging videos in the watch list

Instant dubbing and arranging videos in the watch list 

YouTube is also supposed to support multiple audio tracks in videos, and new features related to automatic translation of videos.

The platform has also recently started testing the “Add to queue” feature for users of mobile devices running Android and iOS systems.

YouTube has made this feature available to users of the web version for years, and it also provides it to the YouTube application on mobile devices under specific circumstances, such as controlling Chromecast devices using phones.

And now, the YouTube platform has started testing the feature with YouTube Premium subscribers, who choose to agree to try the experimental features, which allow them to add videos to a list to watch together.

With a few simple clicks, users can activate this feature to enable the “Play Last in Queue” option. When clicked from below each video next to the title, it will either add that particular video to the bottom of an existing list or create a new list if one does not already exist. Watching videos has never been easier!

YouTube’s autoplay function allows for a seamless transition between videos in the list- making it easier to view all clips without needing manual interference. Should you wish, you can change order of your favorites or delete certain ones – and if not, simply exit the app or click close button on bottom bar to erase entire list!

Online shopping feature 

According to ” pasha innovation ,” the YouTube platform is preparing to launch its shopping features to more content creators participating in the Partner Program. YouTube Shopping Tools, launched in 2021, allows creators to tag products with shopping links in videos, live streams, and short videos.

According to the same source, 1,000 content creators in 5 countries in 4 content types “Beauty, Technology, Hobbies and Auto Parts” participated in the “YouTube Shopping” testing phase. During the last period, in addition to about 20 brands in the testing phase.

However, new features for “Shopping” will begin to be implemented by the beginning of the year, and at least 20,000 YouTube Partner Program subscribers in the US, Great Britain, Brazil and India will be able to feature products with shopping links in videos, short videos and live broadcasts.

In a statement, the company said, more content creators will be able to tag products in videos and short videos. Creators will also only be able to tag products listed in the Google Merchant Center, which is a platform that allows businesses to manage how their products appear on Google and receive marketing ads for them.