“Zodiac Killer” group “reveals” the identity of the famous serial killer

The group “Case Breakers” is claiming to have solved the identity of the infamous Zodiac Killer in the US. They have also accused authorities of failing to perform their due diligence in revealing his identity..

And the “ Fox News ” website , quoting the group, stated that the former Air Force soldier, Gary Francis Poste, had been identified as the Zodiac suspect, but the FBI did not move to prove the DNA, as well. group claims.

After Poste passed away in 2018, a volunteer team investigated the case and received confirmation from an FBI official that the suspected Zodiac killer is currently on the list of suspects. The team has accused government agencies throughout the country of insufficient investigation of this alleged serial killing.

Thomas Colbert, an investigative journalist and volunteer team leader at Case Breakers, recently announced that a member of the team had been told by an FBI agent that Gary Francis Post, a former Air Force veteran, was listed as a potential suspect in a murder database. This week, the lab confirmed having a partial DNA sample from the suspect.

Zodiac Killer letter
One of the famous messages of the Zodiac Killer

The San Francisco FBI disclosed to Fox News that, despite extensive efforts, the infamous Zodiac case remains unsolved. Out of respect for the victims and their loved ones, no further comments will be given at this time, as the case remains ongoing.

“The suspect has been included in the agency’s database since 2016, and his partial DNA sample has been secured at Quantico, Virginia,” the group revealed in their statement.

Despite reports and conclusions suggesting that the case is resolved, the FBI has been persistent in its stance. As of October 2021, the Bureau confirmed that the case remains open.

During 1968-1969, the San Francisco area witnessed at least five murders attributed to the Zodiac. In contrast to typical serial killers, the Zodiac communicated with the police and newspapers through coded letters, taunting the authorities as part of his killing spree.

Following these crimes, books, documentaries, and films emerged in subsequent years. Despite intense scrutiny by investigators and professionals, the killer remained elusive, continuing to evade any form of justice.

Case Breakers is hoping that law enforcement agencies will compare DNA samples from a California crime scene with a DNA sample they hold, in order to provide answers for victims’ families seeking the identity of the killer.


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