10+ News Portal WordPress Themes

In our digital world finding out the news is achieved largely with the help of online resources, so a successful news portal will give people an opportunity to stay informed. Creating such a portal can become an easy matter if you take advantage of a website template that has been developed specially for this purpose. Ready-made WordPress themes allow for different customization options, so you can change backgrounds and edit layouts the way you wish.

Additionally, ready-made themes are responsible, which means that you can be sure that your site will adjust to any screen and browser, providing your readers with the best experience. Ready-made themes also save your time and money. You don’t have to wait as much as you do when a custom website is being developed for you. Also, ready-made themes do not require professional developers and designers to be involved in the process. There’s a possibility to save quite a lot of money. What is more, ready-made themes are well-documented and they don’t require many coding skill, so you can manage to create a website on your own. So, don’t hesitate and look at a wonderful collection of the best news portal WordPress themes

NEWSmaker – World News & Magazine WordPress Theme

NEWSmaker - News & Magazine WordPress Theme WordPress Theme

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With the help of numerous widgets and Elementor modules, you can easily create a trendy website with a handy interface. Media library will give you a possibility to add content of different types, and Related Posts widget will facilitate people’s navigation around your news website. Furthermore, a commenting system and newsletter subscription will ensure constant connection of your company with its followers. Additionally, the theme is Ecommerce-ready, so you can create an online store or accept payments directly on your website.

Sportex – Sports Events Magazine Responsive WordPress Theme

Sport Page WordPress Theme

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This theme is suitable for creating a website that deals with sports news. It also allows you to present your posts in a number of ways, including grids, lists, masonry, and timeline. Dropdown Menu will let you arrange information into categories and subcategories. While Media Library will give you a possibility to add different content to your webpage. Furthermore, your readers will be able to filter posts by categories amazingly quickly or order posts by date. The theme includes various background options as well, and its easy installation will not demand many coding skills.

Digezine – Fashion News Magazine WordPress Theme

Digezine - News Magazine

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Do you want to create an informative website that deals with fashion, trends, or stories? Then this theme will be suitable for you. It has multiple customization variants, such as 7 header layouts, background options, Google fonts integration, Sidebar Manager, and others to make your webpage unique. With custom widgets you will enhance your theme’s functionality. Also sliders and post carousel will help you present your information in different ways, and social media widgets will improve your online presence. Additionally, the theme is Ecommerce-ready, so you can use it for online payments.

BlazingNews – News and Entertainment Responsive WordPress Theme

Magazine WP Theme

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Being easy and intuitive for installation, this theme includes Live Customizer to facilitate the process of page building. So you will see all the changes you make without having to reload your site. The commenting system and different social media widgets will promote your readers’ discussions and improve your online presence. Moreover, the template is WPML-ready, so you can translate your website into different languages. Being Retina-ready and fully responsive, this theme will ensure that your high-resolution pictures will look perfect on any device.

Mr. Gizmo – Responsive Applications & Gadgets Blog WordPress Theme

Mr. Gizmo - Technology & Gadgets Blog WordPress Theme

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If you need to create a website that is connected with technology, or reveals the news about various applications and gadgets, pay attention to this bright efficient template. As it is powered by the Grid CSS technology, it provides you with additional possibilities of organizing your content, so you won’t be limited by layout restrictions. Also, it is Ecwid-ready, and it includes numerous custom widgets that will advance your site’s functionality and promote your page in social networks. As a bonus, you get 15 topical images that will suit your company.

The Daily Post – Business, Politics and Media News WordPress Theme

News WordPress Theme

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Suitable for creating a news portal for different types of media, this theme features different background options and numerous widgets for advanced functionality. With Dropdown Menu you can arrange information into different categories and subcategories, and Sidebar Manager will help you edit the look of your website. Different social options, a contact form, and a newsletter subscription will guarantee a constant connection between your company and your readers. Moreover, the theme is Ecwid-ready, so it can function as an online store.

Viral News – Business and Media WordPress Theme

Media News WordPress Theme

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This theme will be appropriate for creating a website for different media, as it contains a great variety of background options and widgets to satisfy your needs. Media library will become an effective way of presenting content of different types. While a dropdown menu will be useful for creating menus of any complexity. Due to numerous social options, a newsletter subscription, a contact form and user registration you will be able to hold a strong connection with your readers. Moreover, your website can be translated into several languages, as the theme is WPML-ready.

KingNews – World News Magazine & Blog WordPress Theme

KingNews GPL WordPress Template

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Having advanced theme options, this template will be suitable for creating a news portal of any kind, either local, country, or world news. It includes various social options, such as Facebook Like Box, Twitter Feed, Instagram Board, as well as a contact form and a newsletter subscription, to make sure that your customers will have multiple ways to stay in touch with you. Furthermore, the theme is Retina-ready, so you can add pictures of high resolution to your media libraries. Additionally, this template can be translated into different languages, and it is also Ecwid-ready.

BitNews – Blog Magazine & City News WordPress Theme

BitNews - Blog Magazine & News Portal WordPress Theme

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Including various widgets, such as post carousel, simple slider, image grid, category tiles, and others, this theme will let you create a successful news portal. The theme allows for both audio and video integration, and as it is Retina-ready, you can post pictures of the best resolution. Also, there are different social options to promote your website online, such as Facebook Like Box, Instagram Board, Twitter Feed, and others. In addition, you can run your website in different languages, as the theme is WPML-ready.

Weekly Journal – Financial News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Financial Advisor Magazine WordPress Theme

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Featuring advanced theme options and including a vast variety of widgets, this theme will give you a possibility to create a website for a news company. Choose from multiple layout options, edit fonts due to Google fonts integration, arrange images and information effectively with the help of carousels and sliders, and create menus of different complexity easily. Because of a commenting system, a contact form and a newsletter subscription, your customers will have multiple ways to follow your news.

Scientific News & Magazine WordPress Theme

Science Magazine WordPress Theme

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Built with Bootstrap and including Live Customizer, this theme lets you create your website easily, change the styles whenever you wish. What’s more, you see all the changes you make without having to reload your page. Carousel and Slider will help you present images in an appealing and effective way. While different media options will let you integrate both audio and video files into your page. Moreover, various social options, such as Instagram Board, Twitter Feed, Facebook Like Box, and others, will give your visitors a possibility to follow your news in social networks easily. Also, as the theme is WPML-ready, you can translate your website into different languages to reach a wider audience.

To conclude, ready-made themes will be advantageous if you wish to create an efficient online news portal. These themes have various customization options to make your page unique. Also, they allow you to add content of different types and present it in a number of ways. Additionally, these templates include social media options to let your customers follow you in different social networks, thus ensuring constant connection with your company.


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