According to Experian, for every $1 spent on email marketing, you get a return on investment of $44.25. So, email definitely serves as an impeccable marketing tool for businesses. From subject line and email copy to design and format, everything plays a huge role in making your email campaign top-notch, thereby increasing your sales and revenue.

Moreover, with the unprecedented technological advancement, the world of emails has transformed too. From rendering simple plain text-based emails to visually appealing HTML emails, email marketing has gone a step ahead to increase the effectiveness of its strategy.

Do you know HTML emails that include some kind of graphics have an open rate of 27% along with a CTR of 4.5% while text-based emails have an open rate and CTR of 20% and 3% respectively?

Hence, it becomes imperative for marketers to work upon HTML emails. Now, the question is how to create HTML emails that work best for your business? This is where email developers can come to your rescue. All you need to do is hire an expert email template developer and you will be good to go.

Identifying the needs of hiring an email developer

Wondering how you will make sure you hire the right email developer? Start by analyzing and identifying your email developer needs. Here are a few points to consider to give you a clear insight about the need of hiring an email developer.

1. Sending marketing emails

Marketing emails have the ability to drive revenues. Therefore, if your organization is inclined towards delivering marketing emails, it is critical to craft it in a way that it fulfils its objectives. An HTML email developer can help you do the needful.

Remember, your marketing emails will be able to generate revenue only when it follows the rules and regulations regarding bulk mail. These rules and regulations include CAN-SPAM, CASL, GDPR, and many more. They safeguard customers from unethical organizations. A good email developer will assist you in creating emails that are compliant to anti-spam guidelines.

2. Recipients using different email clients

Each of your subscribers might be having different preferences. So, their email clients will be different too.  This is where the challenge begins. Each email client has different standards and protocols. Moreover, with different email clients rendering emails differently, you need to make sure that every subscriber is able to see your beautifully designed email. Email developers with their ability to code can do this seamlessly.

3. Working on brand awareness

The look of the email matters a lot. Even if your email copy is written well, a poorly designed email template can impact your conversions in a negative way. However, if you use HTML email templates, you can seamlessly incorporate the design and feel of your brand into your emails, thereby offering your customer base a unique experience through impressive branding.

4. Effect of delivery and deliverability rates

Delivery and deliverability rates play a great role in the success of an email campaign. From image size and typography to text formatting and subscription links, there are a lot of factors that affect deliverability. Therefore, you require a skilled email developer to put these elements together and make your email campaign world-class.

How to pick the right developer for your business?

Now, since you have identified the need of hiring an email developer, take a look at a few tips that would help you hire the right developer for your brand.

● Find out your hiring goals

It is important to decipher your hiring goals before you bring an email developer onboard. It wouldn’t only help you streamline the whole recruitment process but also assist you in choosing the suitable candidate easily. Here’s a list of recruitment goals you must keep in mind:

○ Experience of the developer

Email development is a vast and ever-evolving field. So, having an email developer who has the first-hand experience on both the technical and regulatory front can work as a great asset for your brand because of their ability to adapt to the changes quickly. Also, it is important to determine the skill level required to work upon your email development needs while setting up your recruitment goals.

○ Number of developers required

While a small business can fulfil their email development needs through a single developer, a large organization which sends different email campaigns requires to hire a team of developers for the successful execution of their email campaign. So, depending on the size of your business, choose the option that best suits your needs.

○  Preference regarding remote and in house developers

You must know what kind of developer you want. You can either choose to hire an in-house developer or an agency. Select the one that would best suit your business needs.

● Look for professionals on the right platforms

It is important to hire email developers with professional skills. You can do so by looking at the right places such as Ziprecruiter and Glassdoor. Apart from these recruiting platforms, you can also find the right developer talent through email marketing agencies. Such agencies don’t only have email developers on staff but also offer email development as a service.

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●  Ascertain the important skills you need in a developer

An email developer should be well-versed with both technical and soft skills. While technical skills such as HTML, CSS, and Adobe Creative Suite are all about coding and design,  soft skills consist of traits and interpersonal skills such as the ability to visualize the details and use design tools, impeccable project and time management skills, strong analytical and project management skills, and so on.

●  Go for a smooth interview set up

Now, since you know about your recruitment goals and have an exact idea about what to look for in an email developer, the next step is to set up the interview. You can do so by structuring your interview process well. Here’s a quick brief about its various elements:

○  Create a clear job description

You can attract and bring on board the best candidates by clearly mentioning your expectations of an email developer. It will help you sift through relevant resumes while being able to shortlist the right candidates.

○  Include a candidate scoring system

A candidate scoring system will help you analyze each candidate with ease. You can assign scores to the skills and qualities you require the most in a candidate and take the decision.

○  Conduct phone and video interviews

In this step, you can narrow down the candidates who will be called for a personal interview or go to the next step of the skills test. It will also give you a clear understanding of the candidate’s communication skills.

○ Leverage skill tests

By this stage, you will only have a few candidates with you. So, structure your skill test in a way that gives you a precise idea about how the candidate is going to perform the major tasks as an email developer.

● Make way for the final review

This is the final stage where the candidates have submitted their tests. Now, all you need to do is review their work and choose the one who best suits your criteria. So, go ahead with your hiring process and bring onboard the successful candidates.

Wrap up

Developing an email is an important aspect of email marketing. That’s why it is important to have a skilled and high-end email developer. From making your emails look appealing and rendering them well across all the devices to meeting the compliance standards and converting maximum customers, the right email developer can help you do it all. So, make use of the above-mentioned tips and recruit a HTML email developer who can make your email marketing strategy top-notch.

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