It seems that we rarely hear good news about the healthcare industry. Truthfully, we are still struggling to recover as a nation with the fall out from opioids. However, the healthcare industry, working closely with technology experts have created some major healthcare tools that patients will begin to use sometime this year. Below, we will share our top picks for these amazing tools. We encourage you to continue your research. This year will go down in history as a medical world changer.

Authors note:

As we venture into the changes in the healthcare industry please keep a few things in mind. In the past few years, healthcare data (and the companies they do business with) have faced a lot of attacks from ransomware. Today it is cybersecurity’s biggest threat. We encourage you to research your company before you buy from them. Consider the quality of the site. Is it clear and concise? Does it offer contact information? Does it contain good information with quality posts? The sites we work with are high-quality sites. Make sure yours are too.

●  AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning take a lot of the paperwork out of the hands of the doctor. The first thing you will notice is your doctor spends more time talking with you and making eye contact. As he (and you) speak, The AI robot takes everything down. The information will be 100% accurate since it is directly from your conversation. AI, Machine, And Robotics will help monitor, diagnose, and develop the treatment. On a larger scale AI will create research, clinical trials, and health epidemics. Doctors will do the job they worked so hard to do, help sick people get well. Patients will take comfort knowing that their doctor is handling their healthcare and not typing on their tablet the entire time they are in the exam room. The savings for medicine and pharma is estimated at 100 billion annually.

● 3D Imaging

3D imaging has been around for a little while now. We have seen 3D imaging make a perfect replica of obsolete factory equipment and many other things. This year you will begin to see 3D working in the healthcare industry. Tests show 3D imaging is wonderful for making prosthetic limbs. It can also be used for specific organs to fit a patient. The list goes on. Items needed pre-surgery are easily produced and even some surgeon tools can be made. While this is absolutely a money-maker, it will restore and help people that had little hope before.

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● 5G House calls

It has been a long time since a doctor would come to your house to treat you. This is the next best thing. Virtual doctor visits have been introduced, but until now, it has been met with little excitement. However, this is about to change. 5G internet is launching. 5G is the lightning-fast internet speed everyone wants. With 5G you can schedule an appointment with your doctor and have a fast visit with no frustrating dragging connection, Your doctor can speak to you one on one and take care of you in minutes. No sitting in the waiting room wondering what all the people around you have.

● Telehealth will catch on

Telehealth allows a patient to visit with a doctor face-to-face, online with 5G speed. But that is just a small part of what telehealth can do. Training healthcare personnel, attending meetings (and participating), continuing education or taking classes, and assisting in clinical responsibilities are all things you can do with telehealth. This is often grouped with Telemedicine. Telemedicine deals specifically with remote clinical services while telehealth deals with a broader scope.

●  Computer Vision

New technology is teaching computers to “see”. They can monitor how much blood a woman has lost during a hard delivery of a baby, they can see areas during particular surgeries that could only be guessed at before. Medical scans that allow the doctor to see a birth defect can save lives. You will see more of these tests this year. There is no doubt you will hear a lot about these changes. We encourage you to look at a website like the one we are on. You have easy to navigate pages, research that spans several credible sites. The colors used help you remain focused. In the near future, you will use your computer for more than you ever imagined, so it is good to know a good site when you see one. 2020 is going to be exciting for the medical industry and that will reflect directly on the rest of us.

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