Back in the day, coffee drinkers seemed to always like their drink just black or with a bit of cream and sugar. It felt like a beverage that only parents and grandparents would drink first thing in the morning to help them wake up and get ready for the day.

Times sure have changed! Now you can get your coffee a million different ways and everyone is drinking it. Even if you don’t like the taste of coffee, there are enough coffee creamer flavors you can add to it to change the flavor so dramatically that you can now find a coffee flavor for everyone. You may also visit this page for updated coffee topics.

If you are searching for ways to pimp out your morning coffee, here are five ways to take it to the next level.

Add in a Few Spices

Are you a fan of cinnamon and nutmeg? Maybe you have other spices that you love as well. By adding these spices directly to your coffee, you can change the flavor instantly. Plus, there are numerous health benefits to spices as many are great at pain relief and helping digestion.

Leave the Sugar in the Bowl

Do you cringe when you see someone add about ten spoonfuls of sugar to their coffee in the morning? You aren’t the only one. Try honey or even maple syrup instead and you will be pleasantly surprised with the taste.

Are You Still Adding Regular Milk?

There are enough “milks” on the market so you no longer just have to go with dairy any longer. Almond milk is a perfect alternative, especially if you have a problem with dairy. And if you haven’t tried it already, coconut milk in coffee makes the drink come alive even more. It will rival any of the ten-dollar coffees you can buy in those fancy cafes!

Experiment with Coffee Creamers

There is a coffee creamer for everyone out there. But who says you must add only one creamer into your coffee every morning? Put together your own mixture and see what you can create. Doesn’t a chocolate toffee truffle creamer mixed with a chocolate chip cookie creamer sound heavenly? You’ll find yourself drinking a cup anytime your sweet tooth is seeking a dessert.

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More Caffeine

For some long time coffee drinkers, one cup just doesn’t seem to provide the needed caffeine that it once did to wake up in the morning. Rather than drink three or four cups to get your caffeine fix, just look for a stronger brand that will provide twice the caffeine or even more. Be careful though when trying it out. You don’t want to send your heart racing as you jitter your way to the hospital.