Heather Redding

Heather Redding is a tech enthusiast and freelance writer based in Aurora, Illinois. When she isn’t working, Heather loves to read and swim. She is also a coffee snob with a passion for photography. You can reach Heather via Twitter
Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

The Difference Between CBD Capsules and CBD Oil

CBD products have become something of a phenomenon in the US ever since the Farm Bill passed in 2018. This legislation effectively...
Fight Financial Stress

5 Ways To Fight Financial Stress

Of all the lessons we're taught in school, money management and financial skills aren't usually part of them. Yet money and finances are what...
Practical Tech Inventions

5 Practical Tech Inventions From 2017

Tech inventions don't develop from lucky accidents or random processes. Each new development proceeds in a logical order from earlier developments as improvements are...