CBD products have become something of a phenomenon in the US ever since the Farm Bill passed in 2018. This legislation effectively legalized the growth and cultivation of hemp on a federal level, removing it from its long-standing spotlight as a “controlled substance”. With hemp free of criminal labels, the CBD industry has hit a boom; one that shows no signs of slowing as we push further into the 2020 decade. 

CBD products come in many varieties, from capsules to oils to creams and even tasty CBD Vegan Gummies. Many new CBD users aren’t sure what the differences are between a product like “CBD capsules 10mg” and “CBD oil tinctures”, so we’re here to sort things out and help you decide on the best CBD product for your needs. 

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Don’t All CBD Products Work The Same Anyway?

This is a common misconception with new CBD users. After all, CBD works the same any way you take it, right? This isn’t necessarily true. While CBD does interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, if you’re using an oil tincture, you’re going to get different results than you will with a capsule. It all depends on the method of delivery and the dose of the product you’re using. 

Let’s say you take a few drops of an oil tincture before work. You’ll likely feel the effects of your CBD sooner than if you’d swallowed a capsule, but being that it absorbs so quickly into the blood vessels under your tongue, the effects won’t last as long. You’ll probably have to take more throughout the day to keep the effects working. 

If you swallow a capsule, it has to go through the long and complex process of digestion. This can take several hours, and you may not feel anything until one or two hours have passed (unless you’re taking the capsule on an empty stomach). However, given that digestion takes so long, it will take longer for the body to absorb all the CBD, and your effects could last much longer. 

Creams are also absorbed differently. Since you apply CBD creams directly to affected areas for localized pain or inflammation, you probably won’t feel the effects of your CBD anywhere else on the body. 

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What Do People Use Capsules and Oils For?

Whether you use a CBD capsule or oil, you’ll experience the same benefits; they’ll just take more or less time to kick in depending on your delivery method. That being said, CBD has many uses, from pain and inflammation relief to anxiety management and more. CBD is an amazing natural compound that interacts with our bodies to create some side-effect-free benefits anyone can appreciate. 

Old to young, sick to healthy; people all over the country are using CBD oils and capsules. What’s so great about CBD, anyway? Why are people so infatuated with it?

To better understand why CBD is so well-loved, we need to better understand what CBD actually is and where it comes from. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid. These natural compounds are found in two familiar places: inside our bodies and in the Cannabis plant. 

Wait a minute, isn’t Cannabis…yes and no. While Cannabis is closely related to the marijuana plant, it’s actually the “parent” plant of two separate strains: hemp and marijuana. Hemp is often confused for its cousin, as is CBD for THC. The key difference between the two strains is their THC/CBD concentrations. Hemp has less THC, marijuana has less CBD. 

Hemp is used to source CBD extract for oils and capsules. Using advanced extraction methods, a high-quality, potent extract can be produced and put into pretty much anything edible. 

Our bodies are already set up to accept cannabinoids, which is why CBD works so well. We have what’s known as an endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate things like pain response, appetite, mood, and more. Inside that system, there are specialized receptors for accepting foreign cannabinoids and we even make our own. 


Some of the most common benefits of CBD are pain relief, anxiety management, inflammation relief, acne treatment, insomnia management, and better concentration. People of all ages can benefit from using CBD, and some people even use it to help calm their pets! 

Of all the amazing benefits of CBD, perhaps the most exciting one is that CBD is an anticonvulsant, which means it can help prevent the number of and severity of seizures due to certain medical conditions. In fact, the FDA itself has approved a CBD-based drug known as Epidiolex for treating rare seizure conditions. 

As the industry continues to grow, more money is being spent on research so we can prove once and for all that CBD does all of the awesome things everyday users say it does. So far, we know for a fact that it can help with seizures, pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Research is being conducted on CBD’s effects in people with PTSD, depression, and other anxiety-based disorders, as well as for treating addiction. 

However you spin it, CBD’s future looks bright. The naturally-occurring compound offers few to no side-effects, is biologically compatible with our bodies, and can be infused into a variety of products. In fact, the CBD market is projected to hit over $20 billion by the year 2024, but estimates vary according to who you ask. 

Capsules Or Oils?

The decision between CBD oils and capsules really comes down to personal preference. Oils taken under the tongue might offer a quicker effect, but if you take a capsule, it’ll last throughout the day and you’ll have to take less throughout the day. Some people don’t like to swallow capsules, and some don’t like the taste of CBD oil.  Whichever option you go with, be sure you’re getting the highest-quality CBD oil you can. Quality matters when it comes to CBD products, and a sub-part product could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.